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Magento Developer - Let's find a right one

In fact, Magento Developer is in charge of developing, maintaining, and improving e-commerce websites. Most of the time, Magento websites bring in a lot of revenue. Therefore, the responsibility of these developers is huge.

Whether you are an employer or employee, it’s actually necessary to understand Magento Developer job. If you have worked with different ecommerce agencies, you may well have known Magento a few times by now. However, what is Magento Developer job? And how are they different from other web developers? You can simply understand that a Magento Developer build Magento websites. That’s not particularly useful or complete as an answer.

The important role of a Magento Developer

Firstly, to know what Magento Development is, we need to understand what Magento is. Accordingly, Magento is an ecommerce platform built up to allow web developers a stepping stone in creating ecommerce websites. These websites enable you to sell products, services and downloadable content to customers. Magento does not build the same core features of an ecommerce website. It provides these core features ready for customisation. As a result, Magento development will cover a huge range of skills and tasks. It includes installing, configuring Magento store to building Magento themes and developing custom features for website.

Tasks of a Magento Developer

A developer in Magento will build, support and improve Magento websites. Typically, designing and building the website need a Magento developers team, web designers and others to fulfill all of the required skills. In which, a Magento Developer is a web developer with the Magento platform knowledge. The developer can work as a freelancer, or within a Magento agency. We can divide developers in Magento roughly into two separate skill sets including Frontend Magento Developers and Backend Magento Developers.

The first group build themes and work to replicate the design that a web designer provides into Magento. They ensure that the website looks great and is responsive (mobile-friendly) in order that it can work effectively on smartphone and tablet devices. The other will focus on building features for the website, whether it's via existing Magento extensions or bespoke code. Moreover, they can become a Magento Certified Developer (MCD), Magento Certified Developer Plus (MCD+) and a Magento Certified Frontend Developer as well.

Basic Magento Developer tasks include:

  • Install and configure Magento

  • Build up Magento themes from provided designs

  • Optimise Magento’s performance / loading times

  • Configure Magento’s stores to support multilingual and multi-currency setups

  • Install, test and configure payment gateways such as PayPal, SagePay, Authorize.Net, etc

  • Integrate other business systems in to Magento including accountancy software, custom relationship management (CRM) software, and other business applications

  • Implement audits of Magento websites for search engine optimisation

Main skills of a Magento Developer

With the growth of eCommerce, there is a surge in demand for Magento development services. However, the process of developing the best eCommerce store requires the professional skill of Magento Developers. It’s crucial to hand over your designing and development competencies into the hands of an expert. Therefore, if you want to hire a Magento Developer, concentrate on some ideas and main factors. This will make your eCommerce venture profitable and successful for you.

There are some skills of a specific developer in Magento that you should know before hiring any of these developers.

Being an innovative and creative person

The fact that Magento development is the process of innovation and creativity. Nowadays, creative thinking on several levels and incredible coding are factors that most magento developer have to come up with. Therefore, you have to hire an inventive developer. He has confidence in investigating better approaches to make the best eCommerce websites. The creative developer will build and customize highly innovative online stores that keep customers back to your website.

Additionally, a skilled developer need to keep an imaginative perspective. It is to prepare future-proof strategies for your business brand. He will work in accordance with the future planned procedure to see your business on top. If a Magento Developer has good knowledge and creative mindset, he is proper choice for developing a credible website from scratch.

Being knowledgeable about a lot of eCommerce Integrations

eCommerce integration helps save a lot of time. It automates the whole workflow and destroys the redundancy of data and processes. The business websites always require eCommerce integration. Therefore, the Magento Developer must have best knowledge of eCommerce integration with several platforms such as the payment gateway. In addition, another important thing is that he can look for involves free, ad-supported services built in the near future.

Being good at solving problems

If you are a professional Magento Developer, you must get good problem-solving skills. That's because there are a number of coding and designing problems. They may come over while developing an online shopping site. To solve these problems with data, MySQL plays an key role, but do not allow other tools to be able to help you do precisely that. The Magento Developer could come across some critical problems. They require to be sorted out to get a powerful online store at the desired time. If you can not solve the problems, you will not have an efficient eCommerce store at the right time.

How to find right Magento Developers

It might be easy for you to find a developer online to outsource your needs. However, are you sure he will not leave in the middle of the project, develop an unsecure code or provide an unfinished product? If you are in need of the reliable certified Magento developers, JT1 is your partner to any Magento project.


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