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How to Learn a New Subject Effectively and Quickly

Writing is naturally not easy job. Therefore, being a technical writer is more challenging thing. With challenging topics of technique, how do you manage to learn what you need, even when you have not had basic foundation yet? How to learn in correct way?

How to learn a thing without an entry point

First of all, you have to say you really want to learn. You do not know anything. However, you do know a little about the issue ‘A’ and have heard of the issue ‘B’ before. Additionally, you know a lot about the issue ‘C’ and ‘D’. Moreover, you are an expert in ‘E’ field. All are your entry points. For example, you need to learn programming. For beginning, you decide to study Python. You know nothing about it, and even you have not never coded before. Then, you search Google for ‘How to learn Python’ and find out a bunch of documentation. You can not understand them. That’s so complicated.

It talks about data science. Specifically, data. You remember joining in a statistics class once and you got it. You might be an expert at Excel. Furthermore, you can handle big data sets all day at work. After that, you dig in a little deeper. You realize that Python is really a powerful tool for both data science and data analytics. You found it. This is your entry point you need to have. Now, you know Python, don’t you? The answer is ‘No’. However, the entry point helps you make a connection between the documentation you are reading and existing knowledge.

How to learn, learn how to ask the right questions

Whatever you learn, you always need questions, right ones. You can ask your friends, your relatives or anyone you know. The other ways is searching on Google, Weibo, etc. If you do not know what you do not know, you will not be able to get desired knowledge.

You should spend your time to familiarize with industry-specific vocabulary. It’s very useful. If you can ask the right questions, this means you use the right terminology. No one can understand what you need than yourself. Therefore, if you do not figure out what you have to ask before asking, you will risk getting the wrong answers. Be carefully!

How to learn, let work backwards

This is strange but effective learning way. First, you have to say the topic is ‘A’. Assume that you do not know any other letters of the alphabet. Actually, you do not have an entry point yet. You will start to search it on Google and read. Then, you can watch different videos. In addition, you may ask matter experts. Or you will work backwards.

You do not know m as well as other letters of the alphabet. Then, you try on learning letter ‘n’ and ‘o’. You hope to have a good entry point. However, you should work backwards. You may find something that I do understand, and you start to that first. Typically, we can start at letter ‘a’. Tomorrow, you get up and suddenly decide to study web development. Therefore, you read a interesting article about jQuery and you really want to learn it. A lot of people say that jQuery will help you to make great websites without doing extra coding anymore.

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After that, you begin to find out and realize that you do not even know what jQuery is. Wait. Have you learned JavaScript programming language yet? You might need to know it. You find out about it more and more. However, you incidentally read something about how to put script source in file again. It is HTML, isn’t it?

At present, you will learn from the center of the issue to the corners. Lastly, you can figure out where to start and how to learn.

Start to study how to learn by multiple ways

We have different abilities of learning. Some people watch a course on Youtube and understand that just few hours later. Meanwhile, some people can read endlessly and absorb what they want like a sponge. The others must figure out how we learn. You can acquire knowledge by observing how other people work. For instance, you may learn Python by watching your friend coding and correcting his mistakes. Actually, although it is wonderful article of Python, it may not help you to know about that.

Similarly, a video probably will not work effectively for you. What you need is that someone is coding and explaining what they are doing step by step. This means it is essential to know how you learn. Learning the way is the first important step. By contrast, you will waste your time on tricks and gimmicks. They are not effective. The best way is finding resources that you understand and use them strategically.

Talk what you learn out, including how to learn that

We suggest talking to yourself. Whatever you are studying, think of it carefully. If you have any question, talk it out. You might be in a maze and have no idea where you are. As a result, you can not find out the entrance. This requires you to use your critical thinking skills to guide yourself to a good solution.

If you are difficult thing, ask yourself two questions. They are ‘Is it proper?’ and “Are there any ways?’. You can even make a career out of learning new things. Your ability to learn far outweighs the knowledge you have already accumulated.

Our process for ‘how to learn’ includes:

  1. Find an entry point

  2. Ask right questions, work backwards

  3. Figure out how you learn

  4. Talk it out obviously

  5. You will realize that you already learn and know more than you expected.


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