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How to create a clean code

There are many ways to define what is clean code. Clean code may be a code that is easy to read, easy to change, easy to extend and refactor, and it’s easy to fix bugs in the code base. It is also easy to understand what each method does.But, you already know how to create a clean code? Please refer to the following suggestions.

How to create a clean code

Clean code is code that we need to take care of to keep it simple and orderly. They have paid appropriate attention to details. 5 tips mentioned below will help you understand clearly how to create a clean code

1. Keep It Simple

The first and most basic tip is to create clean code is keeping ít simple. You should made your code simple and readable code as possible and should not be too complicated. By this can solve problems faster, work better in development teams, and have a more flexible code base.

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2. Understand Your Code

As a developer, even if you're writing simple code with an ‘if else’ statement, start by recognizing the code on a piece of paper. By understanding the idea behind the code, you can easy to get sense of Algorithms and the entire compiler . Even for professionals, the best way to solve a complex problem or build an algorithm to solve any complex problem is to break it into small pieces and then try to build a solution for each part. clean code.

Clean Code

3. Listen to the comments

If you are working with a team, having comments in the code makes it convenient for other members to understand .As people develop and have experience as programmers, they often forget one of the most basic tips they get in the early days of programming - leaving a comment. It is a tip that Adding comments to your code to expand every programming language. It makes updating, debugging, analyzing, and other programming activities easier and more efficient.

4. Assign your code

Create your code so that when you look through it, you know it is your product. Streamlined and scientific for the best recognition. Once your code is organized, it becomes more readable and easier to find

5. Naming Convention

This is a tip to maintain the appearance in every article about how to work correctly for any programming language, and people often forget or neglect it. Having an appropriate naming convention is extremely important in a code as the doors for future edits and updates are always expanding. Having names that are irrelevant or conflicting with your pages, variables, functions or arrays will only create trouble for you in the future. Therefore, name the elements on the basis of what they are and make

What is clean code

As a programmer, creating a clean code is extremely important. It not only helps your work become more fluent, it will also evaluate your ability. Hope with our sharing above will help you in creating a best clean Code for your work.

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