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Productive programmer.

Productive programmer

The productive programmer is defined that who can create useful and Clean code. They can write a labor-saving program, write a program that anticipates users' needs. How to become a Productive programmer? Let take the time to research the 5 tips below:

Productive programmer

Spend at least 4 hours per day to write code.

A productive programmer does not need to sit in front of a computer screen for at least 8 hours, even 10 hours a day. a little bit of time was actually devoted to the job. 4 hours to work, not interrupted by anything from the workplace environment. In fact, many people have 8 hours to work, but they take half of the time to do unrelated things like talking to colleagues, drinking tea or walking around in the room.

Harmony with group culture

To become a productive programmer, being a harmonious member with colleagues plays an important role, even more, significant than having excellent qualifications, years of experience How do you feel if you work with a complacent? it is sure that everyone feels uncomfortable working with them who always think they are smarter than others.

Moreover, someone who is "too good" in programming will have distance from the rest of the team. Especial who have some personality traits that make the whole team uncomfortable can all affect overall productivity.

Write code in your free time and learn to write sloppy code.

Writing new code plays an important role in your creativity. You should have side projects to do. This is an opportunity for programmers to expand, increase their skills and update new technologies in areas they are interested in to be a productive programmer.

Why you should learn to write sloppy code? In this way, you could to find a good solution to improve it better. The truth is that few projects need a basic foundation from which to build more basic features than some "divine" code.

Overall performance is affected If you try to be perfect from the beginning. A programmer can go too far, lose control.


Change your job if you have a chance.

If you work with a stable programming team for a long time, you have good control of everything, reach the standard level of the job and no motivation to improve yourself. This is the reason why you lost the ability to write code.

Change your job if you have a chance.

Never stop to learn.

To be a productive programmer, non-stop learning is required. Technology changes rapidly and continuously. Updating and getting new knowledge by yourself. Many of today's important coding skills will become obsolete tomorrow. Working with a long-term plan to work on software development, it is important to keep abreast of emerging trends and languages.

Todd Anglin, director of technology dissemination, Said "The simple fact is that you cannot work for the rest of your life with all the knowledge you have right now and be prepared to not stop learning. What you know today is not guaranteed. your future later, " To be a productive programmer or not depend on you. We hope that this article will help you find your own solution to work productivity.

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