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Senior Developer

Senior Developer

In the 4.0 time present, the time for the development of technology. Therefore, the fields related to IT are always attracted to more and more people. In particular, it is impossible not to mention information technology programmers. What do you know about Senior Developer? Today, JT1 will provide you some information about this field.

Senior Developer

What is the definition of a Senior Developer?

Senior Developer is known as a person who is able to work at all stages of the software development process: From create ideals, contact customers to design, develop and software maintenance testing. Besides, Senior Developer also has the ability to manage projects or module, detect problems that are likely to arise and know how to optimize themselves before they happen. These people will improve asynchronous programming, queues, caches, logging, security, and software stability when integrating the system.

Important skills which need to become a successful Senior Developer:

Professional skills:

This is the first important skills to Senior Developer. Does senior Developer always make questions on why about any technical issue such as Why does this issue exist? or Why have this framework?... Besides, Senior Developers also often concentrate on the strengths or weaknesses of testing frameworks and methods to improve the continuous shipping process for a better product.

Presentation and communication skills:

In the working process, Senior Developers always need to evolve, make propose suitable plans. So, they must improve communication skill more concise and easy to understand to the subordinate. This will help everybody to absorb knowledge better, also customer and board of directors are knowledgeable about the operation and development plan.

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Leadership skills:

Senior as a captain on board the ship. Therefore, Leadership skills is one of the most important skills for Senior. Senior will help the team solve difficult problems through their experiences and professional knowledge.


Senior Developer not only good when working independently but also good when working for team. The strengths that Senior has will make up for the team's shortcomings.

How to train to be a Senior Developer?

Practice to become a Senior not only takes place in one day, two days or a few weeks but also the whole process. You need to notice and learn from Senior experiences. Furthermore, you also must proactive at work, always ask yourself and find ways to solve it. Moreover, you also should practice logical thinking in tandem with theoretical learning.

Finally, the notice of suitable management time is also very important. This will help you balance study and relax. Besides, you also should plan yourself from short - term goals to long - term goals to try more and more.

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Works to a Senior Developer:

- Contact with the customer, receive feedback, issue from the customer.

- Analyze, discuss, give solutions and estimate time in order to report to the customer.

- Split tasks and guide team members to code.

- Review code after an issue has been solved and offer test options

- Sometimes, if the work has less code, the Senior Developer will consider improving the performance of the system.

In fact, Senior Developer takes on great responsibility in the team so you have to improve your skills and knowledge more and more to be able to meet the requirements of the job.

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