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How Vietnam Became A Strategic Destination for Global Digital Marketing

Vietnam is becoming a top choice for digital marketing outsourcing. Why? Well, its marketing and IT sector is experiencing a sustainability boom, and it's cost-effective. The country's digital marketing industry is set to grow by a whopping 12.90%. Moreover, Vietnam has a pool of tech-savvy online marketing and customer service experts. Its strategic location, stable governance, and business-friendly laws make it an attractive outsourcing and offshoring hub.

Indeed, Vietnam's rising middle class, young, and skilled workforce gives businesses a competitive edge when outsourcing digital marketing tasks. Guess what? Nearly 59% of locals use social media for brand research, so you get access to a savvy workforce at competitive prices (90% less than in the U.S.).

Digital Marketing
Source: Vietnam IT Salary Guide 2024

1. How Vietnam’s Digital Marketing Became a Global Powerhouse

1.1. Maximizing Budget and Flexibility

Vietnam’s offshore digital marketing shines with its cost-saving advantages. The cost of hiring employees is much lower compared to the U.S. and Western countries, which means you can build a great marketing team while saving money. Plus, the ability to scale your team up or down gives you the freedom to pay only for what you need.

These savings aren’t just about salaries; they also cover other costs like office space, equipment, and utilities. This makes it more cost-effective to run your marketing operations compared to having a team in-house. 

For instance, imagine getting design, HubSpot, and UX work done in Vietnam for less than 90% of the cost in the U.S. These team members join all the planning calls on U.S. Eastern Time, which is super convenient. They speak English well and quickly become an essential part of your team. They’re professional, deliver quality work fast, and are great to work with.

Here’s another scenario: you run a small, specialized marketing firm focused on a few niche services like coding, creating tools, and automation. You could offer web design, SEO, social media management, and video editing, but you prefer to stick to what you know best.

Some clients need things you don’t usually provide. When your company is ready to expand its services, partnering with a service provider from Vietnam is a smart move. Vietnamese professionals are known for their digital marketing skills (e.g., creating content that highlights cultural stories).

Take Honda’s “Bring Mom Money” campaign as an example. It perfectly blended the brand with the Lunar New Year holiday spirit and connected with people living far from home, showing a deep respect for Vietnamese family values. The campaign, featuring a popular local artist, was a huge hit.

These culturally rich campaigns have become increasingly popular in Vietnam’s digital marketing, affecting various sectors like automotive, food and beverage, and home appliances. They’re effective at any time but powerful during meaningful times like the Lunar New Year, the Mid-autumn festival, or days celebrating parents.

1.2. Streamlining Business by Leveraging Specialized Skills

Digital Marketing
What the clients of The Staffing Company (TSC) are saying (Source: Clutch)

By partnering with digital marketing experts in Vietnam, you free up your core team to focus on what they do best. This smart move means handing over marketing tasks to experienced pros, saving your team’s time and energy for key projects like creating new products, improving customer service, or planning big-picture strategies. In other words, your in-house team and the outsourced experts from Vietnam can each excel in their areas.

For example, you might outsource your ads and design work, while you keep client relations and most other tasks in-house, except for a few things your virtual assistant handles. Designers and writers prefer to focus on their craft, so taking care of clients and the books makes their job easier—and everyone benefits. You could outsource client relations too, but it’s important to work with someone you trust.

Another example is partnering with a marketing firm in Vietnam that reliably secures 3 to 6 strong leads each month. When combined with your broader marketing strategies, this could result in an average of 10 promising leads every month.

They handle specific tasks like reaching out on LinkedIn, optimizing your website for search engines, making your Google Maps listing stand out, updating your website, posting on LinkedIn, sending targeted emails, writing blog posts, and more. Plus, as you’re part of some niche groups, they send out mailers every quarter and have a newsletter that goes out by mail too.

You can measure success by the number of good meetings you set up each month. If you aim for 3 to 5 good meetings and close deals at a 20% rate, you should land a new client every month on average.

1.3. Uninterrupted Engagement Around The Clock


Time Zone

Different from Vietnam (ICT)


ICT (Indochina Time) - UTC+7


United States


Varies by region (see below)

United Kingdom

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - UTC±0



CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


WET (Western European Time) - UTC±0 (Winter) / UTC+1 (Summer)

-7:00 (Winter) / -6:00 (Summer)


GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - UTC±0



CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)


EET (Eastern European Time) - UTC+2



CET (Central European Time) - UTC+1 (Winter) / UTC+2 (Summer)

-6:00 (Winter) / -5:00 (Summer)



Varies by region (see below)


CST (Central Standard Time) / CDT (Central Daylight Time) - -6 / -5 (Winter / Summer)

-13:00 / -12:00 (Winter / Summer)

New Zealand

NZST (New Zealand Standard Time) - UTC+12 (Winter) / UTC+13 (Summer)

+5:00 (Winter) / +6:00 (Summer)

US Time Zones:

  • Eastern Time (ET): UTC-5 (12 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Central Time (CT): UTC-6 (13 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Mountain Time (MT): UTC-7 (14 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Pacific Time (PT): UTC-8 (15 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Alaska Time (AKDT): UTC-9 (16 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Hawaii Standard Time (HST): UTC-10 (17 hours behind Vietnam

Canada Time Zones:

  • Atlantic Standard Time (AST): UTC-4 (11 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): UTC-5 (12 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Central Standard Time (CST): UTC-6 (13 hours behind Vietnam)

  • Mountain Standard Time (MST): UTC-7 (14 hours behind Vietnam)

Thanks to its advantageous time zone difference from the U.S. and Western counterparts, Vietnam stands out as an ideal hub for digital marketing outsourcing. This strategic alignment enables you to uphold a 24/7 online presence by tapping into a dedicated offshore marketing team. While your local team rests, this offshore crew takes charge.

In today’s global marketplace, offering round-the-clock customer support and interaction is a game-changer. Customers now expect instant responses and continuous access to information. The right offshore team will help you meet these demands effectively, leading to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Consider a case where a U.S.-based eCommerce company outsources its digital marketing to a Vietnamese agency. During the U.S. nighttime, the Vietnamese team manages the company’s social media accounts, promptly responds to customer queries, and runs targeted ad campaigns. Meanwhile, the U.S.-based team focuses on core business operations during their workday. The 24/7 availability allows swift handling of technical issues or customer complaints, minimizing any negative impact on the brand’s reputation.

1.4. Bridging Cultures for Effective Marketing

Digital Marketing
Bridging cultures for effective marketing

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, understanding diverse cultures and markets is paramount. Leveraging local insights becomes invaluable when shaping marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience. Vietnam’s rich history, influenced by both Western and Asian traditions, uniquely positions it to connect with global audiences.

Indeed, Vietnamese digital marketers possess a keen cultural sensitivity, allowing them to craft content and campaigns that are not only linguistically precise but also culturally relevant. Their grasp of global nuances enables them to tailor marketing messages that forge personal connections with customers. This cultural alignment significantly impacts the effectiveness of your marketing endeavors.

Consider this case: A Vietnamese digital marketing team takes on the challenge of promoting a new fitness app for a global company. The original concept emphasized intense workout routines and a competitive spirit. However, the Vietnamese team recognized that this approach wouldn’t resonate well in certain Asian markets, where holistic wellness and community support hold greater value. 

Their solution? A campaign highlighting the app’s integration of mindfulness exercises and social features for group workout challenges. Informed by their understanding of both Asian and Western preferences, this approach reached a broader audience and led to a substantial increase in app downloads across regions.

Another example involves promoting a new sustainable clothing line for a European brand. The initial campaign heavily emphasized environmental messaging, which can sometimes come across as preachy to Western audiences. The Vietnamese team identified this challenge and proposed a shift in focus. 

Their revised campaign highlighted the brand’s sustainability commitment while also emphasizing the clothing’s style and quality. Leveraging Western social media influencers known for their eco-conscious fashion choices, they showcased the clothing relatably. 

The result? Significant brand awareness and sales growth in Europe—a testament to the Vietnamese team’s understanding of how Western audiences engage with sustainability messaging.

2. Unlocking Success with TSC: Your Digital Marketing Partner

Digital Marketing
Unlocking Success with TSC: Your Digital Marketing Partner

When it comes to maximizing your budget and achieving the best return on investment (ROI), partnering with the right agency is crucial. At TSC, Vietnam’s premier staffing and payroll agency, we specialize in helping you see the big picture. Whether you’re familiar with outsourcing or need guidance, we’re here to contribute our expertise—strategy, direction, and guidance—to ensure exceptional results. Quality is our hallmark.

Now, let’s address a critical pitfall: the language barrier with offshore/outsourced teams. Nothing slows down progress more than miscommunication. With TSC, you won’t face this issue. Our team understands your tasks clearly, eliminating unnecessary time and cost.

Digital Marketing
TSC's Marketing outsourced

But wait, you might wonder why we stand out. Unlike some agencies that try to do it all without true expertise, we’re laser-focused. We don’t dwell in the outdated era of digital marketing. Forget generic posts and lackluster graphics. Instead, we tailor our approach to your niche, handpicking the right talent for the job. Clear deadlines and expectations are non-negotiable. After all, outsourcing should streamline—not complicate—your operations.

Take SEO content writing, for instance. We believe the right talent creates content that captivates readers. Why? Because your customers encounter your free content first. Their perception of quality extends to your paid offerings. 

So, let’s link up! With our tailored services, you’ll have direct access to a team of dedicated Vietnamese digital marketing experts. They’re all in, committed to achieving outstanding results.


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