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Specialized Expertise in Outsourcing Services: Leveraging Strategic Edge for Driving Business Outcomes

In today’s tough business world, companies are always looking for new ways to get ahead. Hiring outsourcing services can be a smart move. This guide looks at how expert service providers help you grow and succeed. It also shows how you can tap into a valuable pool of knowledge, skills, and resources by handing over certain tasks to these experts.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Unlocking Success with Specialized Expertise in Outsourcing Services

Staying informed about industry trends, innovations, and best practices is essential in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. However, not every company possesses the necessary knowledge or resources to excel in all aspects of its operations. This is where outsourcing services come into play. By partnering with specialized service providers, you gain access to professionals experienced in specific fields such as IT, marketing, call center, finance, engineering, administration, or healthcare.

It’s worth noting that outsourcing should involve collaborating with a reputable company with a proven track record and extensive experience. These external experts bring valuable insights, market knowledge, and innovative approaches that contribute to overall corporate success.

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TSC's review

For instance, The Staffing Company (TSC), a prominent staffing and payroll agency in Vietnam, empowers businesses by connecting them with highly skilled candidates who possess specialized expertise. These professionals think critically, demonstrate creativity, solve problems, and take initiative. You can trust them to review their work meticulously for any issues. By hiring such talent, you’ll benefit from top-notch skills without the high costs associated with hiring experts locally, due to the differences in living costs between the countries.

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Source: Numbeo

2. Harnessing Expertise and Experience Through Outsourcing Services

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The unmatched experiences TSC’s clients share (Source: Clutch)

By hiring the right outsourcing services, you can connect with experts who have a lot of experience and deep knowledge in their fields. These experts often work with different clients, which lets them learn valuable lessons and understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each business. This allows you to benefit from learning faster, avoiding expensive errors, and starting to use the best ways of doing things right away.

This advantage helps you stay ahead of your competitors and saves you time and money. At the same time, employees can enjoy better salaries, health benefits, and overall well-being, among other perks.

For instance, imagine you run a typical IT department without a dedicated development team. You need custom software, whether it’s a complex web application, a system monitoring plugin, or a specialized Linux program that works like the Windows software you already use. In such cases, it’s smart to hire a consultant who knows the monitoring system well. You might worry about potential issues, but with proper planning and oversight from your IT team, the results will be positive.

3. Emphasizing Your Strengths: Core Competencies in Focus

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Focusing on Core Competencies

Outsourcing helps businesses by letting them focus on what they’re good at. When companies use their resources for their main strengths and goals, they work better and make more. By giving tasks that aren’t their main focus to expert providers in Vietnam, you let specialists handle these areas. This lets you focus on important work that adds value. 

For example, if you need to update your old SAP system and it will take 2 years, you might need twice as many IT staff. It’s wise to ask several outsourcing firms for help and explain your needs, and they’ll offer to do it for a certain price in a set time. They’ll provide the staff for this period and manage them, which is great if you don’t want to hire and train people for a job that isn’t your main business. Plus, by asking multiple companies, you can get the best deal.

Take another case where you ran a lab that tested products and developed new tests. People outsourced to you for your equipment and know-how, and because it was less expensive than doing it themselves. You did the same by outsourcing HR, health and safety, and IT support. You didn’t want to be known for HR/IT/health and safety; it was not your main thing. Instead, you invested in your equipment and scientists, which were your real strengths.

4. Easy Access to Modern Technology and Facilities

For small businesses watching their budget, it’s tough to keep up with the fast pace of technology. Outsourcing offers a way to use the latest technology and facilities without the high cost. 

Reliable service providers invest in the most recent tools, software, and equipment to give better customer service. By outsourcing, you can use these modern tools without the big expenses of buying, setting up, and keeping them in-house. This helps you stay competitive, work more efficiently, and offer top-notch products and services to your customers.

For instance, IT service providers invest significantly in cutting-edge technologies, tools, and facilities to offer their clients optimal solutions. When you outsource to these companies, you get to use the best IT resources without spending a lot of money. From cloud services and data analysis to security and special software, you can take advantage of advanced technology to make your business run smoother, increase efficiency, and be ahead of others in the market.

5. Boosting Business Growth and Adaptability

Being able to grow or adjust your business quickly is key when you’re expanding or when the customer's needs keep changing. Outsourcing should give you a flexible way to either increase or decrease your resources as needed. These service providers can handle different amounts of work, like busy seasons or unexpected high demand. This flexibility means businesses can adapt fast to changes in the market without the extra cost of running a large operation. Outsourcing helps companies stay streamlined and efficient, which leads to more profit and success.

Let's consider a language school. They typically experience fluctuating student enrollment throughout the year. During peak seasons like summer, they might see a surge in students wanting to enroll in intensive language programs. Traditionally, this would require hiring additional teachers, which can be a lengthy process and comes with the burden of potentially laying them off during slower months.

Outsourcing can provide a flexible solution. This way, during peak seasons, they can easily scale up their resources by bringing on additional online tutors from the outsourcing company. Conversely, during slower months, the school can scale down by utilizing fewer online tutors.

This flexibility translates to significant cost savings. The school avoids the fixed costs associated with full-time employees and only pays for the services they need.  Additionally, outsourcing allows the language school to leverage a wider pool of talent, potentially finding tutors with specialized skills or experience that they might not have access to locally.

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Unlock exceptional education outsourcing services with TSC

6. Optimizing Costs and Streamlining Operations

Outsourcing to Vietnam gives you access to affordable solutions and the benefit of service providers' bulk operations, which come from their focus and knowledge. This leads to big savings, especially for smaller or growing companies with limited budgets. 

Plus, outsourcing services offer flexible payment options, allowing you to pay by the project or based on your needs, which helps in further reducing costs. By smartly using financial resources and the cost benefits of outsourcing, you will enhance your cost-effectiveness.

For instance, consider situations where local overhead costs in the U.S. are too high, like overnight dashboard monitoring. Outsourcing this to Vietnam could cut costs by about 90%. If anything major goes wrong, there's still a skilled person to handle it.

outsourcing services
Source: Vietnam IT Salary Guide 2024

Take front-line call center support as another example. You’ll want to find:

  • People who are fluent in the required language.

  • Individuals who can handle calls without a fixed script.

  • Team members who understand when to escalate issues to system administrators or local technicians, and when not to. Simple voice-to-ticket tasks are often not cost-effective, as automated systems can handle them.

  • Staff who can read and update internal guides, helping them navigate unfamiliar situations and improve the documentation from a user's perspective.

The savings also come from reduced employee overhead beyond their base salary, such as the costs associated with tax forms and employee benefits. There's also high potential for more flexible scheduling and lower capital investment in establishing a call center or email support team.

Additionally, large companies might outsource for accounting reasons. Rebadging happens when a company outsources a department and the outsourcing firm hires the original employees. The employees continue their usual work but under a different company name on their ID badge. This allows the company to reclassify the employees' salaries and benefits as a service contract expense, affecting the financial statements differently.

7. Safeguarding Against Risks and Ensuring Legal Compliance

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What customer saying about TSC

In Vietnam, businesses have to follow local labor laws, tax rules, and other legal requirements, which can be tough if you’re not familiar with them. Labor laws cover important things like job contracts, work hours, pay, and employee benefits. Tax rules tell businesses how to manage their money owed to the government, like corporate income tax, sales tax (VAT), and other charges. Also, you have to meet standards for things like licenses, data safety, and workplace health.

Outsourcing can be a big help in managing risks and following the law. These services help you understand and use complex legal rules, making sure you’re doing things right with labor and tax laws, and specific industry rules. If there’s a legal problem, they can represent you and help solve it.

Furthermore, working with experts through outsourcing services will protect you from risks like data theft, legal fines, or business interruptions. These service providers have strong safety measures and plans for emergencies to keep important data and business operations safe. When you trust these tasks to reliable outsourced services that follow the strictest safety and legal standards, you can focus on your main business activities with peace of mind.

8. Elevating Outsourcing Services Excellence with TSC

Have you ever felt that outsourcing often follows a predictable pattern?

  • Management hires offshore staff to boost efficiency.

  • Onshore colleagues complain about poor work quality and communication.

  • Management seeks ideas to improve the situation.

  • Yet, those ideas rarely get implemented, leaving offshore quality subpar and onshore teams frustrated.

TSC challenges this assumption. We specialize in finding Vietnamese talent who not only follow procedures but also think outside the box. Pride in their work drives them to excel and continuously improve. Moreover, we foster strong connections between outsourced teams and ensure clear communication about existing systems.

For a seamless experience and unmatched results, reach out to us today!


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