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Top 5 Best Software Development Staffing Agencies

When it comes to finding the right talent for your business, utilizing a staffing service may not be the ideal choice for every organization. However, if you're considering partnering with one to meet your recruitment needs, it's crucial to grasp the intricacies of the process. In this article, we aim to unravel the hidden truths surrounding software development staffing agencies, shedding light on what you need to know. Whether you're a growing startup or an established company, understanding the inner workings of these agencies can greatly benefit your search for top-notch software development professionals. So, let's dive into the secrets of the best software development staffing agencies and discover how they can elevate your recruitment endeavors.

1. Overview of the staffing agency

A staffing agency operates as a go-between for job searchers and organizations searching for new employees. A smart staffing agency has a framework in place to match skill sets and experiences with job needs. This results in a good match between open employment vacancies and competent individuals.

People frequently mix up staffing with recruitment, but they are not the same thing.

Staffing companies are involved from the time employees are hired until they leave. Staffing comprises the recruitment process, but it also covers employee onboarding, training, retention, and termination. Recruitment only refers to the first stages of recruiting a candidate.

Staffing agencies can help you recruit more highly qualified employees
Figure 1. Staffing agencies can help you recruit more highly qualified employees

2. How staffing agencies work

As you are surely aware, the hiring process takes time. Depending on your sector, it might take anything from 33 to 49 days to acquire a new employee.

Working with a staffing agency to discover the best individuals for your firm may be a wise business decision. It liberates both your time and human resources.

If you're thinking about employing a staffing agency, the typical procedure is as follows:

  • Define your recruitment requirements. Is it more realistic for your company to hire a full-time staffing agency, or is an on-demand employment platform more appropriate?

  • Check out the agency you want to work with. Once you've decided on a staffing agency or platform, read the reviews to confirm it's a reputable company and a suitable fit for your requirements. You should also interview the individual with whom you will be working. Then, if possible, go to the location or at least have a video call to get a sense of the staffing agency.

  • Examine the job description. Based on your specifications, the agency will create a job description and promote it to possible candidates. Check that the agency understands your requirements and that the job description is correct.

  • Wait. Once individuals begin applying for the position, the staffing agency will examine their skills and experiences and conduct one or more interviews to identify the best prospects for your company.

  • Make the ultimate choice. The agency will provide you with a list of acceptable applicants, and you can opt to interview them again before hiring.

  • In charge of the onboarding process. Once you've determined which prospects to recruit, the agency handles all of the paperwork for employee onboarding.

3. Why do companies use staffing agencies?

Companies use employment agencies for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Improved budgetary controls. One of the main reasons businesses resort to staffing firms is to recruit more people to deal with an increasing workload. In these cases, staffing firms may assist you hire swiftly, saving you the money you'd otherwise have to pay existing employees to work extra. These organizations also help you save money on screening and testing fees (incurred while doing background checks, drug tests, and so forth) by handling the entire procedure for you.

  • A vast network. Because staffing firms frequently have a large network of potential people searching for employment, the scouting process may be far more efficient than if your organization posted the job position directly.

  • Expertise is available. Staffing companies have a track record of locating outstanding employees. As a result, outsourcing the process may yield superior outcomes.

  • Time. Staffing firms handle the full hiring process, from screening to training and onboarding new staff. This frees up time for your management staff to devote to other vital tasks.

Purposes to use Software Development Staffing Agencies
Figure 2. Purposes to use Software Development Staffing Agencies

4. How much do software development staffing agencies charge?

The ease of having prequalified people on hand comes at a price. In addition to the hourly rate of compensation received by the temporary employee, staffing firms impose a markup to cover their costs and profit margin. Staffing firms normally do not charge candidates any fees.

Staffing companies may charge a variety of rates and fees, based on the function the temporary employee is performing, the individual's experience, and the market value of the employee's skill set.

  • Standard markup: Depending on the position, hourly rate or compensation, and region, the markup can range from 25% to 75% of the temporary employee's earnings. Assume your temporary employee's hourly wage is $20 and the markup is 25%. In such a situation, you'd pay the employment agency $25 per hour ($20 for the employee and $5 for the agency).

  • Fee for finding a match: Staffing firms may charge this fee in addition to the markup. Depending on the circumstances, the additional cost of identifying and filling the post may be put at a premium. Although finder's fees are less prevalent, they might be included in the commission structure of a hiring firm.

  • Temp-to-hire fee: With temp-to-hire arrangements, you pay a percentage of the total salary over a specified waiting period, which is usually six to twelve months. So, if you employ a temp for six months but decide to hire them full-time after one month, you must still pay the staffing agency for the remaining five months.

  • Headhunter fee: Some firms' purpose is to identify full-time personnel that are either hard to find or have unique skill sets and expertise, rather than temporary staff. Fees in these circumstances range between 25% and 40% of the employee's first-year compensation.

5. Top 5 best software development staffing agencies in Vietnam

Here are the top five ideal software development staffing agencies around our nation:

5.1. JT1

JT1 can shine your dream
Figure 3. JT1 can shine your dream

JT1 is a renowned recruiting, payroll, and outsourcing firm in Vietnam, founded in 2016. We are always enhancing and providing optimal HR solutions for organizations in a variety of industries. JT1 delivers thousands of professional programmers with significant talents and experience, as well as the maximum excitement, thanks to its remarkable experience in technology. Every year, JT1 collaborates with local and international businesses to locate great Vietnamese workers who can adapt to a variety of work cultures. JT1 is also committed to following up on the prospects they match. They are prepared to assist candidates throughout the process, including post-onboarding.

As a corporation, JT1 strives for constant improvement to serve its partners' best interests. ​JT1 has a professional consulting team on the job at all times, churning out payroll transactions every month and devoted to timeliness, compliance, and complete secrecy. ​

JT1’s target is to become the leading engineering hiring firm in South East Asia, and its target is to support technical organizations in the development of Silicon Valley by offering them a better environment.

5.2. ITViec

ITViec not only supports hundreds of IT specialists throughout our nation in seeking their dream jobs, and running their careers, but it also helps IT organizations in looking for outstanding IT talent, thus dedicating to the development of the domestic economy.

5.3. First Recruitment

As a prominent engineering and software consulting agency, First Recruitment was set up in 2008 to train a lot of big groups across America and Asian countries. Since early 2012, to make the most of commercial possibilities around ASEAN, this company has run the office in Vietnam as the basic organization in this field, with capital offered by L’indochine investment.

5.4. CareerBuilder Vietnam

We take pride in claiming that we are a part of the CareerBuilder across the world family. The website is owned by CareerBuilder USA, one of the leading global providers of hiring services. Due to the organization’s excellent client service and global tech, it assists organizations in seeking the proper individuals and making a winning group.

The dynamic working environment in CareerBuilder Vietnam
Figure 4. The dynamic working environment in CareerBuilder Vietnam

5.5. 40HRS

40HRS was set up in California. On the other hand, it boasts an attractive roster of bright and perfect recruiters who carry a modern mixture of competitive industry knowledge to the table in a wide range of fields like technical, biotechnology, and software development. Finally, 40HRS met the demands of our clients at particular degrees of staff.

Wrapping it up

We believe that you can expand your horizon involved in approaching the best software development staffing agencies in Vietnam. Last but not least, you can drop us more responses below this article if needed. Thank you so much!

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