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What Are Permanent Staffing Solutions?

In today's competitive job market, organizations are increasingly relying on permanent staffing solutions to find the right talent for long-term positions. This process involves a meticulous search for qualified individuals who possess specific candidate characteristics that align with the company's requirements. Within the realm of software development, staffing agencies specializing in this field take on the crucial task of sourcing and selecting the finest candidates available. These agencies go the extra mile to ensure a comprehensive solution by considering factors such as salary expectations, relevant experience, cultural resonance, and job description match. A prime example of this can be found in Vietnam, where IT staffing agencies play a pivotal role in the recruitment process. These agencies take on the responsibility of locating, screening, interviewing, and ultimately deploying the necessary personnel to meet the demands of the industry.

By relying on their expertise, companies can secure top-notch software developers who not only possess the right technical skills but also fit seamlessly into the organization's culture, contributing to long-term success.

1. What is permanent staffing?

Permanent staffing is the practice of providing organizations with qualified applicants for long-term employment. On the basis of salary, cultural resonance, job description, and experience, a permanent staffing service provider gathers the best-fit applicants. It is only terminated at the request of either the employee or the employer, by adhering to a specific procedure that may have been agreed upon in the employment contract or industry award, or by a statutory regulation such as the National Employment Standards (NES). Permanent work offers individuals job stability and a consistent salary over time.

The National Employment Standards, as well as an award, registered agreement, and contract of employment, determine the minimum terms and conditions of work for all employees, even permanent ones. These govern the salary you may expect to get as well as any pertinent job terms and circumstances. For example, an industry award may provide that if employees are required to wear specialized gear, such as HAZMAT suits, the employer furnishes and cleans the outfit.

As a permanent employee, you may be entitled to several benefits, such as leave entitlements, consistent work schedules, assignments, and payment conditions. Depending on your job terms, you may work full-time or part-time. All kinds of employment, including those working in remote places, FIFO (fly in, fly out) personnel, and those working from home, fall under this category.

2. How does a software developer staffing agency provide a permanent staffing solution?

Right after you choose the best permanent staffing agency, they will post the job description to all the channels to receive information about candidates.

They will also have a database of candidates that they can begin searching through to create the ideal shortlist. They then pre-screen the candidates, prepare them, and present them to the company for an interview.

To find the best suitable candidates, staffing agencies need to do many things
Figure 1. To find the best suitable candidates, staffing agencies need to do many things

After that, the software developer staffing agency team will make all the checkboxes containing all the characteristics that are suitable for your company and then choose the best candidate.

Then the best candidate will have a few interviews with your company, so you and your team can decide if he/she can work at your company long-term or not.

3. Difference between temp and perm hiring

Temporary employees operate as freelancers or contractual workers, giving them a lot of freedom. Companies can satisfy their short-term demands by using temporary employees and contracting workers with unique abilities. If a positive relationship is formed with the candidate, temporary staffing might lead to future staffing opportunities. Temp employment allows individuals to demonstrate their abilities and potential in several jobs before being hired permanently. Furthermore, when some benefits are given to permanent employees, temporary employment might be more cost-effective than permanent recruiting.

Permanent staffing, on the other hand, provides the candidate with better financial security and work stability, resulting in improved productivity. Permanent personnel is more likely to be driven to perform at their peak to develop their careers inside the organization. Permanent employees are not concerned about obtaining another project after their present job is over. Permanent personnel, on the other hand, comes with a slew of extra expenditures, such as training, resources, benefits, office space, and so on. Furthermore, recruiting activities for permanent hires are more broad, time-consuming, and expensive.

4. Why is having permanent employees important?

Finding good personnel is a challenge for any company. Even if you discover good employees, keeping them is a challenge. Having a permanent staffing solution is vital for a small business owner for a variety of reasons.

4.1. They have a solid knowledge of the company's business

Employees that have been with the company for a long time are well-versed in the organization’s culture as well as its products and services. They have seen many changes in the workplace and thus understand what works and what does not. They build a strong knowledge base by completing their job duties day after day, which results in increased production because fewer mistakes are made.

Solid knowledge of the company's business
Figure 2. Solid knowledge of the company's business

4.2. Cost-Effective

The company loses money as a result of employees quitting their job. Separation expenses, such as exit interviews, administrative responsibilities linked to termination processing, severance or separation money, and unemployment compensation, vary by company. Advertising for new employment, screening applications, holding interviews, and administrative procedures associated with hiring are all examples of replacement costs. These costs are avoided by retaining your staff.

Having employees who can work long-term can save your company lots of money
Figure 3. Having employees who can work long-term can save your company lots of money

4.3. Provides stability to your team

Long-term employees reflect a stable work environment, which increases morale, by being with the organization for several years. When an employee departs or is fired, the work environment is disrupted since a suitable replacement must be identified. Furthermore, in a job-scarce economy, long-term employees signal a stable work environment. Existing employees may become anxious if there is a high turnover rate because they wonder if they will be the next to go.

4.4. Advancement & Business Growth

Contractors and temporary employees are often hired for a specific set of abilities that suit a certain function or project. The choice to spend on training and advancement is significantly more realistic with permanent workers. These team members can move through their department hierarchy, take on future leadership positions, and play an important role in corporate success. Determine if you are searching for a temporary solution or long-term hires.

4.5. Fixed work schedule

As a permanent employee, you have the right to a consistent work schedule. Most full-time permanent workers work 35-40 hours a week on a set schedule, however, this may vary depending on the organization and sector. When you have a steady and clear work schedule, you can organize your activities around it. Both full-time and part-time choices may provide fixed timetables, albeit depending on the work, there may be limited space for flexibility. Some people thrive on knowing their schedule in advance and value predictability.

5. How can you choose the best permanent staffing agency in Vietnam?

To find the best IT staffing agency in Vietnam, you need to take note of the following things:

5.1. Examine the recruiter’s experience

Examine the testimonials, feedback from the clients they work with, and the length of time they have been in the company. To choose the best permanent staffing agency, compare its work quality to that of the top competitors.

Examine the recruiter’s experience
Figure 4. Examine the recruiter’s experience

5.2. Interview the recruitment agencies

It’s critical to determine whether or not the agency can give you the applicants you require. To do so, you’ll need to ask the recruitment agency questions in the same way that you’d ask candidates during an interview. This will help you to determine whether they are capable of meeting your requirements right away. “Do they have candidates who match what you’re searching for?” “How much time do they need to find the perfect applicant for you?” “What quality check are they going to do to identify the right candidate?” are some of the questions that can be asked of them.

5.3. Simplicity is key

It may be desirable to most people to have a lot of utility. But don't get too caught up in that reality. It can also be too much at times. This will simply lead to more confusion, additional costs, and longer working hours.

You should choose a recruitment tool that is simple to use and does not require extensive training before you can utilize it. Make informed decisions!

5.4. Functionality is still the most important

You should consider functionality, despite its simplicity. Using technology for the sake of using technology is meaningless if it does not benefit you.

To put its features to the test, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it aid in the improvement of work processes and the production of high-quality results?

  • Is there a function that meets the demands of the client?

  • Does it guarantee a high return on investment (ROI)?

When you can answer these questions affirmatively, you know you're on the right track.


Finding the best IT staffing agency in Vietnam that meets your needs is not an easy thing to do. If you are struggling with permanent staffing, TSC – a popular staffing agency can help you.

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