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What is The Average Cost of Hiring A Software Developer Team?

Almost every industry, from healthcare to banking to e-commerce to governments, legal, food and beverage, and academic circles, as well as every sort of company, from startups to huge enterprises, must digitize their operations and services. When a firm decides to hire software developers to construct an app for them (private healthcare, diet app, or internet such as eBay), they need to do a cost-benefit analysis to determine what they can spend. They should consider that expenditures would range from recruiting and training to a monthly salary. The total cost of hiring a software developer team depends on a variety of factors, including the developer's place of origin, skill level, and kind of contract.

You should also consider if you need someone knowledgeable in mobile app development, web app development, or both. Do you know the difference between a software house and an individual developer? It changes the whole picture in terms of involvement and professionalism, as well as the total cost of hiring a software developer team.

Hiring software professionals from other countries with better exchange rates is less expensive, but you must be prepared for a distant approach to monitoring work and contact.

1. The cost of hiring a software developer team

It is time to take into consideration the software developer team structure or technology staffing that you need to move with. Based on experience, small software development groups are quite productive since it is simple to collaborate their efforts and realize the personal contributions of their members. Thus, the perfect size might be from three to five people.

Cost of hiring a software developer team
Figure 1. Cost of hiring a software developer team

There has been a growth in the need for software developers in prior years, as well as now. As a result, you must offer enticing incentives for competent software specialists to choose your company over competitors. The first step in determining how much it will cost to hire a software developer - a specific technical background, knowledge, or contract - is to define your requirements.

The hourly income of such an expert will be determined by several factors, including the nation in which they live, their area of specialty, and their understanding of coding languages. Experienced developers may charge more than younger devs. If you want to discover how much it costs to hire a software developer, keep reading.

1.1. Software developer: Level of experience

The typical hourly wage for entry-level software engineers might range from $20 to $50 per hour. More experienced software engineers, with 5 years of experience or more, may earn hourly fees of $50 to $75 or more. The typical hourly salary for a full-time software developer might range from $80 to $120 or more, depending on location, experience, and abilities necessary for the work. It can even reach $120 per hour if they are senior programmers with a strong grasp of many programming languages. Salary is also determined by the candidate's expertise in diverse and large-scale projects, as well as knowledge of databases, APIs, and containers.

1.2. Location

However, it is crucial to remember that the cost of hiring a software developer team can be significantly greater in some areas, such as Silicon Valley or New York City, and significantly lower in others. Competent software engineers from China, India, and several European nations, for example, will price less due to currency and a large pool of talent. Furthermore, the cost might be determined by the business or profession for which you are trying to recruit, such as mobile app developer, web developer, game developer, or any specialty field of software development. It's also critical to factor in unanticipated costs like local taxes and rules, various time zones, and language barriers.

1.3. Type of employment

Another element to consider is the style of engagement you want to have with the developer, such as full-time vs. part-time, salary vs. hourly rate, contractor, or offshore team. Full-time workers and contractors will have distinct pricing structures and legally necessary benefits, with contractor involvement often costing more and offshore teams typically costing less. If you opt to cooperate on a full-time basis, the overall software developer cost will rise as compared to utilizing an independent contractor that handles taxes separately. Consider relocation, training, and the typical cost of benefits for a software engineer.

Type of employment cost
Figure 2. Type of employment cost

1.4. Specific skills

Specialized software engineers with credentials or talents in certain technologies or platforms might fetch greater compensation. A developer with experience in machine learning or cybersecurity, for example, might expect to earn more than a developer with more general abilities. A React Native developer that can construct a platform-adaptable app, a DevOps specialist familiar with continuous integration tools like Jenkins or GoCD, and a hybrid app developer experienced in Flutter will all have distinct prices.

It is also vital to note that when selecting a software developer, price should not be the sole factor. Experience, talents, and compatibility with your team and corporate culture are all significant considerations. The cost of hiring a software developer team will ultimately be determined by your individual goals and budget, thus it is critical to thoroughly analyze all elements before making a hiring decision.

2. Key factors influencing the cost of hiring a software developer team

2.1. Project size

The size is an educated estimation. There is a strong relationship between project cost and project size. Project sizes are often classified as follows:

  • Small projects: Small projects often include minor improvements such as UI optimizations or bug fixes with well-defined and well-known underlying causes. In small projects, customer involvement is also minimized, resulting in less time consumed and lower costs.

  • Medium-sized projects: This category includes projects such as modest mobile applications or online interfaces to current inventory systems. External criteria for interacting with clients are more stringent in larger projects. Several design sessions, weekly check-ins, and milestone sign-offs may be required.

  • Large projects: Larger projects entail complex solutions involving integration with multiple systems, databases, security, and logging. Scalable and maintainable designs using frameworks and modules are common. This category includes multi-party applications on iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Robust customer interaction requirements lead to extended design meetings and milestone agreements. Regular phone calls with the technical team and weekly progress calls with senior management are standard in large-scale projects.

  • Enterprise-level project: Enterprise-level projects are highly complex and built primarily on the underlying framework. They prioritize strict security, logging, and error handling. Data integrity and security are crucial for mission-critical applications. Support systems are resilient, capable of handling multiple failures in the infrastructure without impacting users. Examples include mobile apps like Uber. Project size is an important factor in estimating the cost of hiring a software developer team.

Enterprise-level projects are highly complex
Figure 3. Enterprise-level projects are highly complex

2.2. Project schedule

The overall cost of a software development project is influenced by the time it takes to complete it, as developers are paid by the hour (with rates ranging from $30 to $150 based on skills and experience). Estimating project duration can be challenging due to potential delays caused by minor problems within the team. To mitigate this, an incremental approach is recommended. By dividing the project into phases and creating a budget for each, adjustments can be made based on the costs and deadlines of previous phases. This allows for flexibility in determining whether the project meets the deadline or requires an extension.

2.3. Scope of the project

The workforce and timeframes in a software development project are likely to be fixed (whether or not you pick fixed iterations), but the scope is more likely to alter as the project develops. This is the outcome of continuous feedback from stakeholders during the software's development. You can choose whether to cut expenses by deleting features that you feel are unneeded or to add ones that raise prices. Of course, the higher the expense of hiring software engineers, the greater the scope.

3. Welfare and staff benefits

Fortunately for us, Vietnam is well-known for its affordable IT talents so your budget could manage these pretty bonuses to attract them. In Vietnamese culture, having gifts, bonuses, and incentives is a huge thing as it proves that the organization cares about its staff.

On the other hand, with the extra $24,660 from welfare and staff benefit, your software development team of three persons might cost around $83,940 per year to establish and operate. Next, the number could not seem better at first glance, but they are:

  • 40% cheaper than renting local devs in Singapore.

  • 15% cheaper than work pass renting

  • Higher-quality management than outsourcing.

That offers you ample resources to spend on the core business, interact with potential customers, and develop your business without getting to worry about not being able to accommodate them.

Employee benefits and perks
Figure 4. Employee benefits and perks

Wrapping It Up

There is no doubt that the IT scenario has become particularly saturated with tech start-ups mushrooming like never before. Competition is at an all-time high, and operational expenses are often increasing. Talent is getting scarcer from time to time.

It is important to establish your software developer team across Vietnam precisely to make the most of the expense difference. For startups that are strange to the local market, we highly suggest you can look for professional assistance from IT staffing agencies in Vietnam that are focused on offshore venture and HR services in Vietnam startup landscapes.

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