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What You Should Know about A Creative Staffing Agency in Ho Chi Minh City?

Organizations that devote all of their resources to obtaining skilled personnel understand the broader employment market and have a ready pool of passionate and talented people ready to fill any function a company may require. Using a creative staffing agency that has not only concentrated on finding the greatest talent but has also specialized in the sector you need to find creatives for an art department or marketing project will net your organization the best potential recruit.

Of all, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to employment. What your firm requires is determined by what you provide and how your present personnel is organized. Creative staffing firms are still the quickest and most adaptable way to hire since we not only find talent but also have a long history of effectively putting it with appropriate businesses. That means we've seen it all before. In lulls or moments of rapid development, we'll know the ideal approach you want since we've done it before.

There are several benefits to using a staffing agency, the most important of which is cost savings. Surprisingly, many businesses do not even track how much they spend on hiring and onboarding new employees. This figure may be greatly decreased if protracted interview processes and in-house recruiting managers are eliminated. Some of TSC’s innovative staffing strategies may allow you to cut the amount of time required to onboard new employees.

If you're still unsure, stay reading for a more detailed explanation of a creative staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh City, the multiple benefits they may provide, and how you might be able to utilize them to staff your creative projects.

1. What is a Creative Staffing Agency?

A creative staffing agency has focused on occupations that are frequent in art departments, marketing initiatives, and IT departments. These firms strive to showcase competent, talent-ready creatives in a variety of creative and design fields. It will have a built-up pool of video editors, content writers, designers, and others for contract, full-time, or part-time work.

What exactly is a Creative Staffing Agency?
Figure 1. What exactly is a Creative Staffing Agency?

At TSC, we even provide free continuous education to our creatives so that they may expand their skill set. Hiring individuals with the old-fashioned approach results in a swarm of resumes to perhaps thousands of credentials to check.

2. How does a creative staffing agency help your brand?

A creative staffing agency offers a wide range of services. Whether you need them to fill in the gaps in your marketing team or to take over entirely, they can help your brand in various ways.

2.1. They can bring you new respective

When you’re immersed in your brand every day, all day, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. A creative staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh can offer much-needed perspective persons to guide or improve your strategy and new ideas to help you achieve your objectives.

2.2. They have insider knowledge

How well do you know your industry? Who are your rivals? What are the current market trends? A creative staffing agency works with diverse clients from various industries. They have a unique understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and what unexpected things can dramatically improve your results.

2.3. A creative staffing agency will boost your efficiently

They will provide talented specialists who can develop and implement your marketing strategies. Those people have the knowledge and skills to produce content, from developers to designers, copywriters to data visualization experts. They’re also immersed in this stuff daily. So, they’re familiar with best practices, how to improve the user experience, what content works best for each platform, and how to get the most mileage out of the content you’re creating.

They have people who you can learn from to enhance your efficiently
Figure 2. They have people who you can learn from to enhance your efficiently

2.4. You will have more quality creator networks

One reason for seeking outside help is that your company lacks the necessary knowledge or resources to complete the work. An agency has a well-established network of expert creators and well-rounded professionals. Whether you need a production company to shoot your latest video or a developer to code an interactive website, a creative agency either have the skills or can refer you to someone who can.

2.5. Make faster staff adjustments

Companies may add creatives to their rosters as needed because staffing services already have the talent. Traditional hiring procedures might take weeks to find the proper individuals, but staffing firms have already taken care of that. Naturally, this implies you'll save money. However, it also implies that your firm will be more adaptable and quick to respond to new occurrences. Nowadays, being able to respond fast to new occurrences may convert what would otherwise be a non-story into publicity.

Consider the following scenario: a customer discovers a new application for your product, has an issue in one of your stores, or wishes to share a success story. If you have creatives as soon as possible, they can respond to such a crisis in a nice, humane manner.

If you have a project, such as a charity outreach or a new marketing campaign, that has to be completed soon, employing a staffing agency will get the talent in the building (or, at the very least, in the Slack conversation) faster than any other approach.

2.6. Test out new jobs

Assume your HR staff is trying to discover certain activities that aren't already performed by your present employees, and your organization is ready to explore if a new position with these responsibilities is the best answer. Great news: instead of wasting weeks and thousands of dollars on advertising and vetting people, you can hire creative talent from TSC to try out how the function works and if it's essential.

Pre-employment competency tests
Figure 3. Pre-employment competency tests

Creative staffing companies attract creative individuals who realize they will be employed to fill temporary roles when it is in the best interests of the organization. Trying out a new role with agency talent ensures that you have a professional employee assisting you in creating the new position and completing previously uncompleted responsibilities. And if it works out, you may keep that same talent on a permanent or full-time basis without making any changes.

2.7. Enjoy hiring answerability

Now and again, someone just doesn't seem to match the position, and you don't realize it until they've been employed. If you recruit somebody without utilizing a staffing agency, the only one who needs to accept responsibility is the hiring manager. Staffing agencies live and die by their reputation, which is why we take such great effort to hire the finest people and place them in the proper roles.

It's a calculated procedure that ensures the proper applicant is found for each post. The only thing more inconvenient than the traditional hiring procedure is having to restart it because an inappropriate candidate was hired. Using a creative employment agency eliminates this danger.

3. Should you work with a creative staffing agency?

Not every brand needs the support of a creative staffing agency, especially if you already have a stable operation or an in-house team capable of carrying out your marketing strategy. If you don’t have the following, you might want to hire one:

  • Resource: Due to a lack of resources, accessibility, or availability, some brands find it challenging to carry out their strategy. A creative staffing agency can assist you with the human resource you require to support your strategy.

  • Your heavy workload: Because your team may be swamped with other projects, your marketing projects may be postponed or put on hold indefinitely. They can assist you by providing talents who can produce consistent, high-quality content on a large scale.

  • You want to have results: If your current strategy isn’t delivering the results you want, a creative staffing agency can provide for talents to tweak, improve, or revise your plan.

Working with a creative staffing agency
Figure 4. Working with a creative staffing agency


There are several reasons why you should use a hiring agency. For good reason, most organizations seek expense reduction. Staffing firms save businesses a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent on writing job announcements, publishing them on job boards, answering applications, contacting applicants, interviewing them, and training or onboarding them.

Using a creative staffing agency not only saves these organizations time and money, but also allows them to make speedier staff modifications, leverage our knowledge in the creative sector, test out new tasks, and have someone take ownership of recruiting methods. Because we will always have the personnel they require ready to work, the organization will be more flexible and able to adapt to new events much more swiftly.

Staffing agencies are the finest approach to strategically manage your personnel, whether you're insourcing or seeking to reach out to passive job seekers. It's an excellent method to make your company's employment policies explicit to minimize potential legal difficulties. Creative staffing organizations can even help creatives avoid applying for jobs and perhaps obtain positions at some of the biggest companies that aren't posting opportunities anyplace else.

There are numerous reasons why you should hire a creative staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh City. For a good cause, most businesses prioritize cost savings. Companies save a lot of time by using creative staffing agencies to create job announcements, post them on job boards, receive applications, contact applicants, interview candidates, and train or onboard them.

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