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Outsource your non-core business functions with TSC's flexible BPO services, which include RPO, IT, HR, Admin, Marketing, Purchasing, and Industrial tasks.


Our comprehensive RPO solutions include sourcing, screening, assessment, selection, technology deployment, and management services.


Choose from our Project RPO or Selective RPO to quickly scale recruitment efforts or outsource specific components. TSC's BPO and RPO services can be valuable asset for businesses competing in today's market.

Staffing and Payroll Outsourcing Service in Vietnam
Payroll Outsourcing Service

What can you get from our flexible and scalable solutions?

Staffing Services

Optimized Business Success

Achieve streamlined focus, long-term project confidence, higher profitability, and increased productivity

Staffing Agencies

Unparalleled Recruitment Reach

Complete access to recruitment resources

Staffing Agency

No lengthy contracts

Payroll Services

No reductions in force

Adapt and adjust staffing as needed. Enjoy flexible short-term engagements tailored to your requirements.

With TSC's BOT models, ensure no reduction in force, allowing for workforce stability and growth.


Staffing & Payroll Agency in Vietnam



South East Asia



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Staffing & Payroll Agency in Vietnam
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