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Recruiting Qualified IT Staff in Vietnam

Our premier personnel search and recruitment services are designed to secure top-tier IT talent. Focusing on areas like Software Development, Tech Support, Technical Consulting, and Webmastering, our proven track record speaks volumes about our ability to recruit highly skilled IT professionals for industry leaders. We achieve this through expert outsourcing in Vietnam.

IT Outsourcing in Vietnam

Sourcing elite 
IT professionals

recruiting IT
Software Developer
Outsourcing in Vietnam
Quality Assurance & Testing
IT professionals
Data Management & Analysis
offshore team
Vitualization & DevOps
highly skilled professionals
Helpdesk & Network Administration
IT roles
Cybersecurity & Information Security
highly skilled professionals
Project Management & IT Strategy
remote teams
AI & Machine Learning
IT roles
Emerging Technologies

Building Offshore IT Team
in Vietnam

Establishing outsourced IT teams in Vietnam enables companies to access cost efficiencies and highly skilled professionals. We streamline the process if you require an entire department or specialized positions such as web developers or data scientists. We oversee talent acquisition from our vast candidate pool, offer state-of-the-art facilities, and handle all HR responsibilities and compliance matters.

We bring in staff for different IT roles, including:

  • Web Developer

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Technical Support Specialist

  • Database Administrator

  • Site Reliability Engineer

  • Infastracture Engineer

  • Data Engineer

  • IT Analyst

  • Full-stack Engineer

  • IT Manager

  • Software Engineer

  • Cloud Architect

  • Security Analyst

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Network Engineer

  • System Administrator

  • Mobile App Developer

  • Technical Writer

  • Cloud Engineer

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  • DevOps Architect

  • Data Scientist

Advantages of building remote IT teams in Vietnam with TSC

Cost-effective (save 50%)

Employee well-being and satisfaction

Moral staff handling

Lawful employment

Adherence to regulations

Utmost caliber personnel

Superior customer services

Workforce efficiency

Excellence in administration 

Exceptional staff retention

Expand rapidly and effortlessly

Clear and upfront pricing

No binding agreements

Reliable supplier

Swift hiring procedure

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