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Time traps

Time traps

As software developers, you have a high level of autonomy. As long as you achieve your goals. However, If you are not careful you can face with risk of spending time on activities that offer minimal benefit to our work and time traps are sneak up on working and you need to recognize them is the first key step to mitigate.

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What is the definition of time traps:

Time traps are things which unexpectedly capture our time or use up most of our time than we had originally allocated. For some of us, time traps are also known as a routine hazard of life.

Time traps that developers face:

Lack Of Prioritization

When you are faced with more things to do each day, you will be difficult to separate them into many small works, but prioritization of company and individual goals is critical to success. You need to choose four or five company and individual goals each quarter, month and make sure they are SMART goals. As circumstances change, your goals and metrics will also need to be revised accordingly.

Not Blocking Your Time

This is the most difficult one for many people, however time blocking on a regular basis also is considered as a great way to accomplish necessary tasks. Whether it's perform prospecting calls, reviewing financial projections, or checking emails, you also should put a set amount of time on your calendar each day to concentrate on the particular activity.

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Constant Meetings

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to find themselves in meetings for all day. Some meetings are unavoidable, but too many meetings leave little time to complete the actual work done. Being stuck in useless meetings may be mentally draining, while getting in the way of achieving necessary priorities. Consider that each meeting can be held for one of the following three objectives: to share information, to discuss existing problems or to brainstorm new ideas.

No Clear Responsibilities

Depending on the number of staffs in your company, team members need to be equipped uniforms or each wear several hats. That’s normal in an early-stage company, when you are trying to make operating capital last as long as possible. But don’t let this prevent you from establishing clear lines of responsibility. Once roles have been set up and responsibilities assigned, team members need to constantly report on their progress and must be held accountable for achieving results.

Methods to avoid Time traps:

- Before solving your toughest problems, you need to outline a road map. Planning ahead will help you save time coding.

- Try to build systems to automate the repetitive work as much as you can. Implement and design structured processes, whenever and wherever possible.

- If you are constantly working at full force, you will burn out. So, you need to map out a healthy pace, relax to complete working better.

- During working, sometimes you will feel mentally tired when I have to fight distractions when working and this will takes a longer to complete tasks, so to cut off distractions, you can working from outside your office. It has been one of the easiest and most beneficial productivity.

Time still remains the one resource we can neither buy nor automate. That is the reason why we need to guard time closely by minimizing time traps.

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