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What Would An Excellent Developer Do?

What Would An Excellent Developer Do?

You can be a normal developer after graduation. However, to become an excellent one, you need to have some other essential skills. You can learn from senior developers directly or through posts. This one is very helpful as well. Let’s explore.


The senior developer is the desired position for most developers. It’s very competitive and challenging. This position requests that you must have more than basic technical knowledge. You need to make your own coding. Many developers have failed to get this job.

When the interviewer requires a candidate to write a function that makes an HTTP call and retry it several times if it failed. However, he does not come up with any good solution. This means he can not demonstrate his good understanding. The recruiter gives him one more chance. They give him a question with a lower difficulty level. He will transfer a callback-based function into a Promise-based function.

It’s necessary to know how to become a good developer

Unfortunately, he has no solution as well. The problem is that he can not remember the previous similar codes. He writes codes with no meaning. Additionally, he knows the concepts unclearly and can not explain them.

If you really want to become a good developer (senior developer), learn these following things below instantly.

The developer must truly understand concepts

If you are a developer, you certainly work with abstractions. If you do not make the abstract code, you will be able to repeat it. Therefore, you may pay attention to more critical portions. You also use the abstractions apparently and suppose that they are working.

Most developers do the same thing. However, only when things get complicated, they must pay a fee to understand how the abstractions exactly operate. In a lot of interviews, some candidates make this mistake and miss senior positions regretfully.

They take the promise abstraction for granted. If they find it in a piece of code, he might know its operation. Nevertheless, they do not truly understand the concepts. As a result, they are not able to accomplish the question in a job interview.

Knowing the concepts is very important to every developer

In fact, you can remember the code easily. This is not really difficult to do. Other developers have completed that requirement above quickly. Everyone could have done that. All you need to do is to learn and learn carefully and thoroughly. This is the only way to have deeper knowledge. Then, you can be willing to reproduce any type of code with ease.

Further, you do not need to memorize the code passively. You can flexibly convert between functions that meet any requirement. It helps you to pass all interviews to get senior developer positions or higher ones. From now, you should start to learn about the main concepts seriously. You have to know what it is, how it works, how to apply it in your coding, etc.

Know exactly source code by yourself

jQuery covered the world before the appearance of the front-end framework in 2012. You might read “Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja” which is written by John Resig, the founder of jQuery.

This book tells about how to create a jQuery from scratch. It provides you with a unique insight into the thought processes of creating the library. jQuery is no longer popular. However, we suggest that you should read this book.

What is the most impressive thing in the book? You can see what you can do by yourself. The author described steps very logically. It's straightforward to understand. There's nothing too complicated. In the past, you might think that your solution is good and simple enough to perform and use jQuery for granted and trust it to work. Moreover, you did not concern about how it actually works.

Good developer should read as many as books possible

Reading this book will change your mind. Keep reading and you are able to get wonderful implementations of solutions. You can think about different solutions. However, source code gives you more helpful clues. Reading the book and implementing by yourself current solutions make you get better ones.

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With the inspiration and models from the book, you will significantly improve. It takes much time for you to understand the code step by step. However, you will go through the smallest concepts and steps that the author wrote. In addition, you can have a deeper knowledge of the coding process. Then, you are more confident to write code.

Before using JavaScript Promises, you could think that it was so magical. If you research its foundation, you will change your mind. That's normal indeed. These codes are not too complex that you can not understand. Own the curiosity and you will dive into them.

If you want to improve your ability and become a senior developer, do these mentioned things immediately.

Make a new one on your own

When you have excellent knowledge of code, create your own things. It doesn’t matter if no one uses your invention. The most important issue is that you have learned. You are able to use it in your various projects, that sounds great. The more you develop it, the more you learn.

The point is not to use that solution in business but to study. We hope that this post provides you useful information. If you have any great things to share with us, please leave your comments below.

Be yourself, be a good developer.

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