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Things The Most Brilliant Automation Engineer Should Know

Things The Most Brilliant Automation Engineer Should Know

In your career, job transition is essential. This helps you to improve your skills and get a higher salary. If you are an automation engineer and want to become a data scientist, this article is helpful. Read it.

The journey from an automation engineer to a data scientist is not easy. To succeed, you need to something important in advance. We have 5 things here for you to refer to.

Automation engineer, think about your passion

Automation engineer, think about your passion

There are rarely people who know exactly what they want to become in the future. Many automation engineers do not think that they desire to be data scientists. Let pursue your passion, and everything else will fall into place. It is not romantic. That’s the truth. We often do not have any plan for our career path. You can not directly determine a certain position. However, you should ask yourself some questions. They will be helpful for you. Maybe:

What motivates you to try your best?

What’s the most interesting thing in your job that you enjoy most/ least?

What do you want to see yourself in the next 1/3/5 years?

After that, you can know what the future position you want to take is. Just think and think. You need to draw your career picture in your mind first. If you get it, everything will be easier. If you have a mentor with help, this process is even better.

Start with small steps

The Chinese people have an old proverb which is 'It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward'. It really has a big meaning.

Making a career transition is not a simple task. It is a serious process with small steps. The time to jump into a new career can take two years or more. You must be patient indeed.

In the beginning, you can approach Data Science and Machine Learning fields when I was working as an Automation Engineer at a technology company. When you had a good Machine Learning group, you could perform reading classes together weekly. In each time, a member would have a presentation that relates to his project. Additionally, they brought to an interesting topic and the others could cultivate an exciting discussion.

At first, the automation engineer might hear only. In the next sessions, you generally learned to speak more and more. Later, you could present your own project and take a more complex task. That's replicating the different results of codes. The codes were incomplete and quite well-documented. However, this is a good chance for you to have experience with machine learning code. You could understand the way that data scientists implemented many basic concepts.

In addition, you would understand the importance of reproducibility in academic research. Something is written in a report does not mean it is true. When you become an expert, you can teach other people. The best way to become more excellent is to teach.


Do not miss any opportunity

There will be a situation that there is a challenge and you are not ready for it. However, it is exactly the experiences that will help you grow the most. If you do not want to be an automation engineer anymore, get it immediately. Let say 'yes' with an amazing offer, and learn how to do it later.

The good mentor will facilitate you join in several new projects. With their support, you can have a big improvement in knowledge and skills.

The most important thing is that you should tell your manager about your aspiration. If they consider that you are talented and suitable, they will give you more opportunities. By contrast, you will be a normal automation engineer forever.

Learn and practice at the same time

To succeed, learning is not enough. You must apply what you learn. Practicing helps you get as much experience as possible. You can just achieve true expertise through practice. Once you learn a new concept, try to actually apply it and work with some code.

Learn and practice at the same time

We suggest that you should find a partner to work with. He is a person who has the same passion for your subject. If you have trouble with your project, he can come out with some ideas or consult to solve. This is good for both. An automation engineer should learn how to work and cooperate with others.

Hey, automation engineer, just make it right!

Eventually, waiting for the right moment to make the transition is not a good idea. That's because it might never come. The new algorithms, new MOOCs, new libraries and skills will continuously appear. You always have many things to learn, practice, achieve. Technologies are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, natural curiosity and the ability to self-learn are more essential than any specific skill.

Our advice is that you need to wonder something such as:

What are you waiting for in the future?

What’s preventing you from applying to become a data scientist?

Jumping into a new field does not mean that all of your past experience becomes irrelevant. Your background is useful as always. You have to be aware of your strengths/ weaknesses and unique capabilities.

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