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Update the Stack Overflow ’s 2019 Survey

Update the Stack Overflow ’s 2019 Survey

Each year, companies should review the whole survey from Stack Overflow. This simple task is necessary for your company in the forthcoming time. As you will catch the trends in the job market, you ought to make strategies and plans for your career.

Employers also need to do a similar thing because they need to update the full picture of the market and make decisions in some internal factors of the enterprises. As a candidate, you also ought to negotiate with the employers and control your career. Planning for your future career is a must whether you are a fresh applicant or a senior employee.



About 50% of the survey respondents are full-stack developers. Respondents can choose many identification types and the average respondents tend to indicate three categories. Three popular pairs are back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers. 11% of respondents think that they are DevOps specialists.

There is a huge difference in development experience among the candidates. With 45% showing that they learned to write code in the last 10 years and over 40% indicating that they have less than 7 years of professional coding. To become a DevOps specialist, they need to spend an average of 10 years of coding experience.

Popular technologies

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the Stack Overflow survey. Python is the second one in this table. Since 2017, specialists and other programmers tend to use Python more than others – from PHP to C#.

When it comes to web frameworks, half of the respondents pointed out that they use jQuery and JavaScript. For databases, MySQL is also the most commonly used in recent years.

In the development platforms and container technologies, Linux and Windows are also widespread (more than 50% of respondents use these), while Docker gets the third position for the first time of using.

Top paying jobs and technologies

The survey respondents come from many nations in the world, so the results are really diverse. Respondents who use F#, Go, and Closure in the US earn more than others (above 80, 000USD).

Engineering managers also ear the most (average 95,000USD) among the respondents in the survey. SREs are the third rank at 85,000USD and DevOps specialists are the fourth at 71,000USD.

Popular technology stacks and tools

Popular technology stacks and tools

The most common stacks are JavaScript (70%), HTML/CSS (63.1%), SQL (56.5%), Python (39.4%), Java (39.2%), Bash/Shell/PowerShell (37.9%), and C# (31.9%). Many developers assume that transferring to data scientists from being a software engineer is simple. The fact is that they have to build strong programming languages from Python to other infrastructures such as Hadoop and AWS.

The most common frameworks and tools are Node.js, .NET, .NET Core, React Native, TensorFlow, Ansible, and Cordova. How about the databases? , PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLLite, and MongoDB are widespread names. The most well-known platforms remained Linux, Windows, Docker, Android, and AWS.

Career values and job satisfaction

In the latest trend, developers are satisfied with their career paths more than their current jobs (40% are very pleased with their careers and 31% of respondents feel comfortable in their gigs). The survey also indicated that professional developers, DevOps specialists, and SREs do not would like to seek a new job after landing in one enterprise. Only 15% of respondents are looking for another job. However, three-fourths of developers are willing to jump to a new job if they can find these opportunities.

When it comes to the job satisfaction factor, 54% of the respondents show that some factors play important roles such as frameworks, languages, and other technologies as they would be working with. Corporate culture, schedule, and workplace environment, and development opportunities are also necessary.

Popular engineer environments

In an engineering environment, Visual Studio Code is a presiding tool in 2019. There is a big difference between tool options from developer type and role. Although developers can select many tools, the Visual Studio Code is the most popular.

If engineers write code for mobile apps, they prefer using Android Studio and Xcode. For SREs, data scientists, and DevOps specialists; IPython/Jupyter, PyCharm, and RStudio are much more common.

Challenges to productivity

Challenges to productivity

Most of the developers point out that meetings and distracting environments are the greatest challenges in their productivities. Gender issues can become a problem or a challenge in their working environment, but it does not impact on their capabilities. Non-development task probably makes them feel that their workspace is a toxic place.

Primary operating systems

Developers often use Windows are their operating systems. Some engineers combine MacOs and Linux in their offices.

Social media use

What social media pages do engineers often use? Respondents in the Stack Overflow survey choose YouTube and Reddit most. Facebook is not an excellent social media platform for their working environment. They may use this social media as an entertained tool only.

Gender identity

90% of the developers are men in the world. In some regions like India, the US, and the UK; students learn computer science and other engineers are mostly women. However, professional engineers are men only. These pieces of evidence show that women can do this industry, but they do not upgrade their levels to the highest ones.

Common methodologies that engineers use

In general, engineers tend to use Agile and Scrum to solve problems on their projects. However, they also use others. Java and Python are the most popular languages in using the program.

Wanted and loved languages

In the data category, Redis was the most tremendous in recent years. Some select Couchbase and Orale in their rows, while MongoDB is another good option in their rows.

Final Words

The Stack Overflow survey usually provides you an entire picture of the job market in the development industry. We also see the technology usage picture in a year. Even this survey is like a weather forecast, we should review it to stick many vital objects out for our purposes from the survey.

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