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Why Python is the best?

Why Python is the best?

Python is a programming language first developed in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum. This is a popular and versatile language that is widely used today. It has evolved into an open-source programming language by managing public discussion through the Python Improvement Proposal (PEP).

Python includes high-level data structures, dynamic typing, dynamic linking, and many other features that make it useful for complex application development. Its use is for scripting or code connecting components together. It can also be extended to make system calls to almost all operating systems and to run code written in C or C ++.

Advantages of  Python

Advantages of Python

Currently, there are many programming languages, but the following reasons will help you better understand why Python should be a good choice as a programming language:

  • It is considered the most popular language because of the fact that it’s easier to code and understand it.

  • It is an object-oriented programming language and can be used to write functional code too.

  • It helps to bridges the gaps between business and developers.

  • Taking less time to market compared to other languages such as C#/Java.

  • Nowadays, there are a large number of python machine learning and analytical packages.

  • Communities and books, which are available to support developers, is more and more

Today, the user community is growing. It is rated as the # 1 programming language in 2018, according to IEEE Spectrum's ranking and it is the "Favorite" language according to StackOverflow's 2019 developer survey.


Disadvantages of Python

  • It doesn't have properties such as: protected, private or public, no do ... while loop, and switch ... case.

  • Although the processing speed is faster than PHP, it is not equal to JAVA and C ++.

Python applications

Currently, many individuals and organizations use the Python programming language. Some companies are currently the most famous including:

  • Mozilla, which is the best-known group for Firefox, is known to have 230k lines of code written.

  • Google shares its internal Python training with engineers and programmers.

  • Microsoft promotes Python development with IDE, Visual Studio Code

  • Netflix shares the widespread use of it for everything from regional failover monitoring software to data science.

  • Uber said it uses Jupyter Notebook and IPython to share data

  • Reddit is largely written and shares the source code on GitHub

  • Dropbox has been a public supporter of it

  • Many major financial companies are also recruiting developers such as CapitalOne, Bloomberg and JPMorgan

Python applications

In addition, many IT infrastructure technologies are written in it. This is the primary language used for the massive OpenStack cloud computing project, which powers private and public clouds in data centers around the world. Ansible infrastructure automation software is also written in it.

This language is also popular for machine learning and science, statistics, math, and other specialized computers. Even the Raspberry Pi gets its name from the founders' plan to use the foundation for teaching it.

Above is the basic information about Python. If you want to become an excellent programmer, take the time to learn and learn about this programming language.

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