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The meaning of writing dumb code and the need for this job

The meaning of writing dumb code and the need for this job

The concept of dumb code is probably still strange to some people. This is a new type of encryption that not everyone can use. A lot of people are interested in how to write dumb code, is it easy or not?

Definition of “dumb code”

What is the dumb code?

Dumb code translated into Vietnamese you can understand as dumb code. This type of code is meant to completely remove the line of code. These codes are codes that a programmer can easily understand without explanation or maintainers can understand without taking too much time to understand.

How to write dumb code?

To write dumb code, coders need an understanding that any programmer needs to know. The code lines, the key codes need to be arranged and run methodically. Running existing code makes it harder to write dumb code.

We can use the simplest tools available. You only need to log in, enter the basic parameters and the remaining software support will help you. The use of this software also makes it possible for many people to use and extend them without having to understand too many complex parameters.

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Benefits that dumb code brings

As mentioned above, this type of coding makes it easier for people to understand. The dumb code effect is completely recognizable, everything is simplified, so projects are easier to implement. So that many people also love using dumb code.

Another benefit comes from how to maintain and store dumb code much easier than other types of code. With complex code, using complex software, the storage and maintenance are therefore much harder, the cost is also very large. Between the two types, a simple code that is easy to maintain and a complex code that uses more support tools is obviously dumber.

Effective when we use dumb code

The effective use of dumb code is not simple. If we think, creating them simple, easy to understand is also easy to use then this is a wrong thought. The more new improvements, want to apply effectively and do not overlap, it requires users to apply a smart, flexible. If absorbed passive, it's just dumb code.

Dumb code programmers can also get a big income from this coding work. Its novelty and creativity requires a person to be fast and have a smart mind. The brain drain is also a way for them to get back what they spend with a certain income. Perhaps so that dumb code is being very much interested, especially young people passionate about information technology.

Training popular dumb code writing today

Nowadays, dumb code writing schools are not many, most of them are European countries where information technology has developed such as the USA, UK, France ... However, if you have passion, big enough and need, you. It is not necessary to go directly to those places to learn, just register for online courses, the basic condition is that you need to have a good command of English in the industry to meet the learning.

Above are some sharing on writing dumb code that will hopefully help people in the reference process. It can be seen that writing dumb code is not entirely easy or completely difficult, it depends on the person who created it. Currently, this is a new field in the coding of information technology. If captured well, this will be a great source of profit for the future.

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