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How to Select The Right Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam: Value Over Profit

We agree that finding the right company to handle your outsourcing needs is a tough task. Opting for a recruitment firm should be cost-effective. They'll make your life easier by saving you time, managing the money side of things, and guiding you to the top choices. But remember, going for the cheapest option can backfire because of the risks involved with hiring just anyone. In this guide, we'll explore how to pick the best outsourcing service provider in Vietnam for the greatest possible gains and how to check if they're trustworthy.

1. How to Select The Best Outsourcing Service Provider In Vietnam for Maximum Benefits

Outsourcing Service Provider In Vietnam
How to Select The Best Outsourcing Service Provider In Vietnam for Maximum Benefits

1.1. Identify Your Goals With A Partner

Do you want to just boost your team's ability to get more work done, improve profit margins, or bring in new skills? For instance, if your goal is to increase work capacity, choose a partner that offers a client experience similar to your own team's. Look for an outsourcing company that mirrors your team's qualities, like the same type of partnership, expertise, and work ethic.

It may seem obvious, but it's common to seek to grow your team's capacity through outsourcing, then focus solely on profit by teaming up with a group that doesn't meet your standards. Over time, your clients might notice a drop in the quality of work or service, leading to negative feedback, even though you might not realize it because you've entrusted your new partner to represent your team's standards.

In this case, ideally, you'll find a partner who blends well with your team and charges less per hour. This will allow you to share work, receive benefits from your partner, and lower your rates to offer better value to your clients.

1.2. Evaluate Experience, Reputation And References

When looking at different service providers, consider their experience in your industry. You want a provider with a solid history of success and familiarity with businesses like yours. They're more likely to grasp the specific challenges, rules, and market trends you face. They also have valuable connections and proven methods that can help your business.

For example, when hiring a company to develop your software or app, the right partner will work with you to:

  • Design a detailed prototype of your platform or app.

  • Draft precise functional and technical specifications for each feature of the prototype, including architecture and infrastructure.

  • Set clear milestones and outcomes.

  • Choose to work only with reputable agencies you've vetted for quality.

  • Consolidate all these points into a formal agreement.

Remember, it's normal for project requirements to change as you refine and optimize the work.

Furthermore, reputation is crucial in outsourcing. Thoroughly research potential service providers and ask for feedback from their current clients. Reading reviews and testimonials can shed light on their track record, dependability, and customer satisfaction. Don't hesitate to request case studies or examples of their success. A key factor in choosing an outsourcing service provider in Vietnam is their proven ability to deliver excellent results, as seen with The Staffing Company (TSC).

Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam
TSC's review on Clutch

1.3. Evaluate Key Strengths, Adaptability And Commitment to Standards 

Importantly, you recognize that every company you might outsource to has its own set of strong points and limitations. It’s crucial to examine their main strengths to make sure they’re in line with what you’re looking for. Pay attention to their technological expertise, physical and digital infrastructure, ability to grow with your business, and the range of skills their workforce possesses. Their readiness to tailor their services to your specific needs is vital.

Moreover, as business demands can shift quickly, you need a partner who can adjust the scale of their services to match your changing needs. This adaptability is key to a lasting and fruitful partnership.

Consistent quality and following industry standards and regulations are also non-negotiable aspects of outsourcing. Ask about how they manage quality, their certifications, and the steps they take to protect data. Ensure they meet all necessary data protection laws, like the GDPR.

1.4. Balance Costs With Quality

Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam
Key facts about Outsourcing to Vietnam

When considering outsourcing, cost is a factor you can’t ignore. Be clear on the expenses involved and confirm that the service offers a solid return on investment.

Take Vietnam, for example, where GDP per capita is around $4,000, yet the country has seen robust economic growth. The costs for infrastructure and skilled professionals are relatively low on a global scale. This makes Vietnam a cost-effective location for outsourcing service provider in Vietnam. Reports from CIO magazine indicate that choosing Vietnam for software development could lead to savings of up to 90% compared to costs in the U.S. Other research points out that Vietnam’s software development costs are about half of those in India.

Remember, outsourcing isn’t a new concept. You’re likely aware that outsourcing can reduce employee expenses. Focus on finding an outsourcing service provider in Vietnam who can demonstrate how their unique services can specifically benefit your business.

1.5. Prioritize Clear Communication And Openness 

A thriving outsourcing relationship relies on excellent communication. Make sure the provider offers well-defined ways to talk and is quick to respond to your questions. Being open about how the project is going, the costs, and any possible problems is key to trust.

For instance, they should be upfront about:

  • What sets them apart from the many outsourcing firms found online?

  • The variety of service plans they offer, whether it’s for 10, 20 hours a week, or full-time support.

  • The details of what’s included in their monthly fee.

  • Their selection process includes if you can meet potential hires, the need for training, assistance with getting started, and options if an employee doesn’t work out.

  • The reasons for their monthly fee versus hiring directly.

  • The logistics of their workspace, where their staff is based, and how they make sure work hours and quality are managed.

  • The communication tools they use, like Asana, Slack, email, or Zoom, to ensure safe interaction with employees.

  • How does working with them compare to other outsourcing providers in different time zones?

1.6. Check for Disaster Recovery And Ongoing Operations 

Look into how the outsourcing firm handles disaster recovery and keeps business running smoothly. Ask about their backup systems, how they avoid losing data, and their plans for dealing with emergencies.

Imagine you’re checking out a potential outsourcing partner for an important part of your business.

You might say: “I appreciate learning about your services. For us, keeping things running no matter what is vital. Could you explain your disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, especially how you’d manage problems that could affect our services?”

You’ll want to know about:

  • Their backup setups, how often they save data, and if it’s kept somewhere safe.

  • Their approach to making sure no data is lost is like using duplicate systems or having extra sites ready.

  • Their emergency plans for different situations, like natural disasters, power failures, or security breaches, and the main steps they take.

  • How they’d get in touch with you if there’s a problem, how quickly they can fix things, and how they’d keep you updated. Asking these questions helps you understand how ready the provider is to deal with troubles and keep things running.

1.7. Assess Location, Time Zone And Cultural Fit

The physical distance and time zone variances can impact how well teams work together. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of partnering with a local versus an overseas outsourcing firm, considering your specific needs and the type of work involved. Local partners might be easier to reach, but overseas firms often come with cost savings. Moreover, the team you choose to work with should think and work in a way that fits well with your company.

Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam
Timezone Gap

Take Vietnam, for instance. It’s a prime spot for outsourcing because:

Good timing

Vietnam’s time is +7 GMT, which matches well with many European and Asian countries’ work hours. This makes it easier to talk and manage projects.

Similar ways:

Being close in time to other places might mean they work in similar ways, which can make talking smoother and less confusing.

But what if you’re in the U.S. or the U.K.? Vietnam’s time still works well for certain types of work. We have a big client in the U.S. who chose a Vietnamese tech team on purpose. They help keep online transactions safe and running all the time. We work closely with them, almost like we’re part of their team, to meet all their needs.

2. Discover The TSC Difference: Your Ideal Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam

Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam
TSC - The exceptional Staffing and Payroll Agency

Opting for TSC, Vietnam’s top employment and payroll firm, is smart because setting up independently is tough. You’d need a legal presence, local insights, administrative staff, and office space, which could take up to a year to get running smoothly. And if your key developer leaves, you might have to start over. With TSC, forget about these hassles. You can begin operations in just 5-7 days.

Outsourcing Service Provider in Vietnam
TSC's highlight

TSC can fill any role for a fraction of what it would cost locally—not just in salary, but in total benefits. For instance, a US accountant might earn $50K, plus $15K for health insurance, paid time off, and $5K for retirement plans, totaling around $80K annually. Compare that with our monthly rate, multiplied by 12, with no hidden fees. You benefit from our extensive outsourcing expertise—we’ve got the process down to a science and are ready for clients.

Moreover, outsourcing—particularly through a company for software or app development—is effective when:

  • You're certain about the exact features and functions your software/app requires.

  • You prioritize a fast-paced development to meet deadlines or go to market sooner.

  • You have the technical understanding to evaluate the quality and progress of the work being done.

  • You're looking to temporarily expand your development team to increase productivity.

Point 3 can’t be overstated. Many outsourcing nightmares stem from delays, unmet expectations, and budget overruns, often due to a lack of tech understanding. But with TSC, that’s not an issue. We ensure that even if you’re new to app development, you’ll understand the process and get the results you want. Our teams are built to innovate, take charge, and contribute ideas, all while deeply understanding your business and customers.

In essence, we prioritize your business above all. Some believe that outsourcing service provider in Vietnam can’t balance creating substantial value with showing tangible returns for their clients, simultaneously fostering sustainable growth. But we’ve cracked the code. Curious about our key? Let’s connect!


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