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Top 10 Staffing Agencies for Manufacturing in Vietnam

In the dynamic manufacturing landscape, finding the right talent is crucial for achieving operational excellence and meeting production goals. However, the task of recruiting and hiring skilled manufacturing professionals can be challenging and time-consuming. This is where a reliable staffing agency can play a vital role. In this article, we will discuss key factors to consider when choosing a staffing agency for your manufacturing operations and which are the top 10 staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam that can help your business thrive.

1. What are the key factors when choosing a staffing agency for manufacturing in Vietnam?

To find the top staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam, you can consider the following steps:

1.1.  Research

When seeking reliable staffing solutions for manufacturing in Vietnam, it's crucial to leverage online resources effectively. Start by conducting thorough research through diverse channels, including industry publications, business directories, and dedicated job portals. These platforms offer valuable insights into staffing agencies that cater specifically to the manufacturing sector. Focus on agencies with a proven track record in the industry, ensuring their expertise aligns with your staffing needs. By narrowing your search to specialized staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam, you increase the likelihood of finding professionals well-versed in the intricacies of the sector. This targeted approach enhances the quality of talent acquisition and streamlines the recruitment process for your manufacturing endeavors. Embracing these strategies will empower your organization to forge successful partnerships with staffing agencies that comprehend the unique demands and challenges within the manufacturing landscape in Vietnam.

1.2. Industry associations

Explore industry associations and trade organizations associated with manufacturing in Vietnam to tap into a valuable network of information. These organizations often serve as hubs for industry-specific knowledge, making them excellent resources for discovering reputable staffing agencies specialized in the manufacturing sector. By reaching out to these associations, you can gain insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Networking within these communities can open doors to valuable connections with professionals who have experience working with staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam. This proactive approach ensures that you're not only accessing the right channels but also benefiting from the collective wisdom of industry insiders. Utilizing the expertise and recommendations from these sources can significantly enhance your chances of finding staffing agencies that are well-versed in the intricacies of the manufacturing landscape in Vietnam.

1.3. Evaluate with your network

Explore your professional network to uncover valuable recommendations from colleagues or business contacts familiar with Vietnam's manufacturing sector. Drawing on personal referrals enhances your chances of pinpointing top-notch staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam. These referrals often offer unique insights and firsthand experiences, guiding you toward reliable partners who understand the nuances of the local industry. By tapping into the knowledge of those who have navigated the Vietnamese manufacturing landscape, you gain a strategic advantage in selecting staffing agencies equipped to meet your specific needs. Leverage the power of personal connections to streamline your search and ensure that the staffing agencies you consider have a proven track record in the dynamic manufacturing environment of Vietnam. In this competitive market, the right staffing agency can make all the difference, and personal recommendations are a key resource in making informed decisions.

1.4. Reviews and testimonials

It's also crucial to delve into online reviews and client testimonials when searching for staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam. Explore platforms like Google Reviews, industry-specific forums, and social media groups for valuable insights from businesses that have previously engaged these services. Reading firsthand accounts can offer a comprehensive understanding of the agency's performance, reliability, and effectiveness in catering to manufacturing needs. These testimonials often highlight the strengths and potential drawbacks, aiding in the decision-making process. The shared experiences of other businesses become a valuable resource, guiding you toward selecting the most suitable staffing agency for your manufacturing requirements in Vietnam. By leveraging the collective knowledge shared online, you can make informed choices that align with your company's goals and ensure a productive collaboration with the selected staffing agency.

1.5. Evaluate their services

When compiling a roster of potential staffing agencies, it's imperative to meticulously assess their offerings, specialization in the manufacturing sector, and the spectrum of roles they customarily cater to. Critical elements to ponder include the caliber of candidates they provide, the efficiency of their screening procedures, their responsiveness to your queries, and their proficiency in aligning with your distinct staffing needs. A discerning evaluation will unveil which agency is most adept at fulfilling your workforce requirements within the manufacturing realm. This scrutiny is particularly paramount when engaging with staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam, where industry nuances and local dynamics necessitate a specialized approach. By conducting a comprehensive assessment, you ensure a partnership with an agency that not only comprehends the intricacies of the manufacturing landscape but also possesses the prowess to seamlessly meet your staffing prerequisites in the Vietnamese context.

1.6. Client references

Request client references from the staffing agencies you are considering. Reach out to these references to gain firsthand feedback on their experiences working with the agency. Inquire about the agency's ability to provide qualified candidates, their level of professionalism, and their overall performance.

2. List of top 10 staffing agencies for manufacturing in Vietnam

2.1. TSC - Leading Staffing and Payroll Agency for manufacturing in Asia

TSC (The Staffing Company)  is a leading provider of high-quality Staffing and Payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes across fields, including manufacturing.

Founded in 2018, we specialize in discovering talents in specialized areas such as Software Engineering, HR, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and more. Our customized staffing solutions ensure the perfect fit for your teams, from junior-level to management positions. Our comprehensive payroll services address complex labor laws, local tax systems, insurance, and policy compliance.

To become one of the top 10 Staffing and Payroll Agency in Asia. TSC aspires to be recognized for our exceptional service, pioneering solutions, speedy turnaround, and unwavering dedication to delivering success for our clients and candidates.

The mission of TSC is to empower our clients to achieve their business goals and reach new milestones through cutting-edge staffing solutions and comprehensive payroll services. We provide access to top talent and customized solutions to enable our clients to succeed in their endeavors.​

2.2. Manpower Vietnam

Manpower Vietnam is a leading staffing agency with a strong presence in Vietnam. With a comprehensive understanding of the local market, they offer tailored staffing solutions and services across multiple industries, including manufacturing. Manpower Vietnam boasts a vast network of qualified candidates and a proven track record of successful placements.

2.3. Adecco Vietnam

Adecco Vietnam is a renowned staffing agency known for its global expertise and local insights. They specialize in providing staffing solutions for diverse industries, including manufacturing. Adecco Vietnam's vast talent pool, cutting-edge recruitment methodologies, and commitment to client satisfaction make them a trusted partner for companies seeking top-tier talent.

2.4. Navigos Group

Navigos Group is a leading provider of recruitment and staffing solutions in Vietnam. With a deep understanding of the local market, they offer comprehensive services tailored to clients' specific needs. Navigos Group has a specialized division dedicated to manufacturing recruitment, ensuring access to skilled professionals across different manufacturing disciplines.

2.5. HR2B

HR2B is a well-established staffing agency in Vietnam with an impressive track record in providing recruitment and HR services. They have a dedicated team of industry experts who focus on understanding clients' needs and sourcing the right candidates for manufacturing positions. HR2B's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart.

2.6. Fircroft Vietnam

Fircroft Vietnam specializes in technical recruitment, including staffing solutions for the manufacturing sector. They have a strong presence in Vietnam's oil and gas, energy, and engineering industries. Fircroft Vietnam's extensive candidate network, thorough screening process, and industry knowledge make them a preferred choice for manufacturing talent acquisition.

2.7. Vietnam Manpower

Vietnam Manpower is a leading staffing agency catering to various industries, including manufacturing. They have a wide range of talent acquisition services, from temporary staffing to executive search, and are known for their ability to provide skilled candidates for specialized manufacturing roles.

2.8. CareerBuilder Vietnam

CareerBuilder Vietnam is a reputable recruitment solutions provider with a global presence. With a user-friendly platform and access to a vast talent pool, they offer effective staffing solutions for businesses of all sizes. CareerBuilder Vietnam's industry expertise and strong network make them a reliable partner for manufacturing staffing needs.

2.9. Talentnet Corporation

Talentnet Corporation is a well-established human resources consulting and staffing agency in Vietnam. They provide end-to-end recruitment solutions, including executive search, talent assessment, and workforce management. With its expertise in sourcing and selecting top talent, Talentnet Corporation is an excellent choice for manufacturing companies.

2.10. Robert Walters Vietnam

Robert Walters is a leading global recruitment agency with a strong presence in Vietnam. They have a reputation for delivering high-quality staffing solutions across various sectors, including manufacturing. Robert Walters Vietnam's extensive industry knowledge, personalized approach, and commitment to excellence make them a trusted partner for finding top-tier manufacturing professionals.


Choosing the right staffing agency is crucial for businesses looking to attract and hire top talent in Vietnam. The top 10 staffing agencies mentioned in this article, have proven expertise in delivering staffing solutions and connecting businesses with skilled professionals. Conduct further research, consider your specific needs, and select an agency that aligns with your goals, ensuring a fruitful and successful talent acquisition experience.

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