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Outsource Staff in Vietnam

Hiring Engineering Staff

An increasing number of small, competitive engineering firms are turning to outsourcing engineering services in Vietnam to meet their clients' demands. This strategy is gaining popularity as companies recognize the substantial benefits of outsourcing, including reduced overhead costs and enhanced business efficiency.

At TSC, we streamline your business by delegating manual labor and time-consuming yet essential tasks to our specialized Vietnamese engineers. Our talent pool boasts experienced and diversified industry skills, covering areas such as civil engineering and design and technical documentation. Numerous foreign companies choose to outsource engineering components to TSC because our engineer designers can match the evolving skills and talents of the global engineering market.

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Exceptional Service

Our aim is to discover elite talent for every Engineering function:

    - Mechanical Engineer
    - Structural Engineer
    - Quality Engineer
    - Site Estimator
    - Engineering Technician
    - Asset Systems Engineer
    - Industrial Engineer
    - Electrical Engineer
    - Civil Engineer
    - Architect
    - AutoCAD/CAD Operators
    - Quantity Surveyor
    - Project Manager
    - Draftsman
    - Technical Writers

Developing an offshore Engineering team in Vietnam

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Creating outsourced engineering teams in Vietnam emerges as one of the most effective methods of expanding your business while keeping costs at a minimum. This holds particularly true for startups and small—to medium-sized companies grappling with limited resources and tight budgets. The global popularity of this strategy makes it an ideal means of propelling your business forward and gaining a competitive edge.

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By establishing offshore engineering teams in Vietnam, you unlock significant cost savings. We handle all aspects of recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes for your company. Recognizing the challenges in finding the right talent for your company, we alleviate the time-consuming and frustrating aspects of the recruitment process.

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With access to an extensive database of qualified and experienced professionals in Vietnam, we swiftly pinpoint candidates that align with your criteria. Upon your selection, we will take charge of the hiring and onboarding processes for your new remote-based engineering teams. Seamless integration with your in-house team increases productivity, efficiency, and revenue. This straightforward strategy saves you time and money and provides swift access to professional engineers.

Advantages of building remote Engineering teams in Vietnam with TSC

For companies in the engineering sector, outsourcing engineering services in Vietnam offers advantages. Whether you require electrical engineers, civil engineers, architects, drafters, project managers, structural engineers, or a diverse range of other professionals, swiftly finding the right employees poses a considerable challenge.

One of the primary benefits of hiring offshore engineering staff lies in accessing an extensive talent pool, ultimately saving time and money throughout the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. We take charge of these processes for your company, providing cutting-edge facilities in Vietnam equipped with high-speed internet, advanced computers, individual workstations, and meeting rooms.

Moreover, we handle their HR, payroll, annual leave, and other entitlements, along with the necessary paperwork involved in hiring overseas staff. This approach ensures that you acquire qualified and experienced professionals without the administrative burden and stress associated with recruitment drives. The tangible benefits of outsourcing engineering services to Vietnam make it a compelling choice, offering the competitive edge your business needs.

If your aim is to boost productivity, streamline operations, expand your customer base, and increase revenue, it's time to explore the potential benefits of incorporating offshore engineering services into your business strategy.

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