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Outsource Staff in Vietnam

Recruiting Qualified Healthcare Employees

As a healthcare professional, your main goal is always to provide top-notch treatment and care for your patients during their visits. Yet, dealing with paperwork processes can sometimes eat into the time you'd prefer to spend with your patients. Employing in-house administrative assistants or investing time in training staff to ease this workload can be quite costly as a solution to this ongoing challenge.

The Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing Market is projected to experience significant growth, expanding from $191.68 billion in 2019 to an estimated $468.5 billion by 2027. This represents a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.3% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2027. The increasing trend of outsourcing in the healthcare sector is evident, and BPO agencies like TSC are diversifying their services beyond traditional medical billing.

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Exceptional Service

We seek out high-caliber candidates for every Healthcare-based position:

    - Healthcare Coder
    - Healthcare billing
    - Clinical Information Extractor
    - Healthcare Claims Administrator
    - Healthcare Information Management
    - Physiotherapy Billing
    - Dental Claims Processing
    - Healthcare Data Redaction
    - Healthcare Claims Processor
    - Quality Control Supervisor
    - Information Curator
    - Healthcare Assistants
    - Healthcare Transcription
    - Medical Claims Processing
    - Healthcare Data Processing
    - Behavioral Health Support Practitioner
    - Medical Chart Retrieval Specialist
    - Virtual Medical Receptionist
    - Medical Advisors
    - Healthcare Claims Specialist
    - Patient Information Security Managers
    - Clinical Assistance Specialist

Developing an offshore Healthcare team in Vietnam

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Establishing offshore healthcare support teams in Vietnam offers an ideal avenue for both startups and established practices to enhance and expand their operations. The plethora of crucial healthcare support functions, often undertaken by nurses, can be repetitive, time-consuming, and challenging for care workers. These tasks are best delegated to professionals specifically trained for such support roles.

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Roles such as billing, data processing, systems management, medical coders, and claims processors are perfect examples. By swiftly assembling an offshore healthcare support team in Vietnam for these responsibilities, you free up your in-house staff to refocus on delivering optimal patient care.

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Beyond optimizing your in-house resources, outsourcing healthcare support teams also proves to be a cost-effective strategy. Handling the entire recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes, we save your company a substantial amount of money.

Advantages of building remote Healthcare teams in Vietnam with TSC

For businesses in the healthcare sector, leveraging remote healthcare support brings about substantial advantages. This approach entails optimizing the roles of your in-house staff, allowing them to concentrate on patient care rather than getting entangled in administrative tasks.

The supplementary support contributes to an elevated level of service for your patients, encompassing billing, claims processing, and appointment bookings. From the perspective of your healthcare practice, the perks of offshore healthcare support extend from proficient data redaction and specialized medical transcription to secure systems management and elevated quality assurance.

A pivotal advantage of enlisting a remote healthcare support team lies in its hands-off nature, fundamental to the effectiveness of this strategy. We take charge of their HR, payroll, annual leave, sick leave, taxes, and other responsibilities, liberating you to oversee their day-to-day duties.

Choosing offshore healthcare support teams proves to be an exceptionally cost-efficient strategy, granting swift access to a vast pool of skilled professionals in Vietnam. There's no need to grapple with pricey recruitment endeavors and onboarding processes. You're relieved of the burden of shouldering expenses related to additional infrastructure and resources for your remote team. We handle all these aspects, allowing you to channel your efforts into expanding your practice.

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