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Outsource Staff in Vietnam

Hiring Professional Services Staff

TSC excels in providing dedicated offshore professionals tailored to your team's specific needs without compromising quality for cost. As a premier offshore staffing solutions provider, TSC offers an extensive array of professional services roles globally. With over a decade of experience, we have consistently recruited the top 10% of highly skilled professionals in Vietnam across various industries.

Specializing in professional services outsourcing in Vietnam, TSC has placed professionals in diverse roles, including legal, architectural, engineering, accounting, marketing, healthcare, technology, and education. In the legal field, we've sourced lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, and support staff. For accounting and financial services, our placements include accountants, auditors, financial analysts, bookkeepers, tax professionals, and financial planners.

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Exceptional Service

We scout top-tier professionals for all Proffesional Services positions:

    • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Architecture
    • Logistics Support
    • Human Resources (HR)
    • Paralegal Services
    • Healthcare
    • Project Management
    • Geologist
    • Travel Advisor
    • Legal
    • Recruitment
    • Performance Management
    • Consulting

Developing an offshore Proffesional Services team in Vietnam

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Recently, we've successfully placed a diverse range of outsourced professional services staff for companies globally. These roles span project management, engineering, marketing, finance, healthcare, mining, social media, web design, and beyond. Amidst the escalating trend of outsourcing to the Philippines, we continually diversify the roles available to our clients.

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The appeal of hiring offshore professional services staff lies in various factors, primarily driven by lower recruitment and ongoing management costs for remote teams. The availability of a vast database of qualified professionals further adds value, especially as finding individuals with the required skillset locally becomes increasingly challenging.

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With an impressive retention rate exceeding 90%, the majority of the professional services staff we've outsourced this year are content and committed to their roles for the long term. It's a strategic approach that fosters business growth and expansion by accessing skilled professionals without straining your budget.

Advantages of building remote Proffesional Services teams in Vietnam with TSC

Offshoring professional services roles to Vietnam offers numerous advantages, especially when building a professional services team. Foremost among them is the opportunity to tap into an extensive pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals. Additionally, the allure lies in significantly reduced costs across recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and long-term employment management, encompassing HR, payroll, taxes, and other entitlements.

Consider the substantial savings in resources and infrastructure, such as high-speed internet, computers, and workstations, which are minimal in Vietnam compared to the considerable expenses incurred when hiring locally. Offshoring to Vietnam can amount to at least 70% less than the costs associated with local hiring. The primary benefits encompass these lower costs and the accessibility of skilled professionals.

While cost reduction is a significant factor, accessing a skilled workforce is paramount when building your professional services team. For many companies, this becomes a more substantial driver for outsourcing to Vietnam than the financial savings alone. The challenges of finding, acquiring, and retaining specialized local staff are costly but also time-consuming and frustrating.

If you find yourself grappling with the challenge of filling a professional service team or wish to curtail recruitment expenses, exploring the strategic advantages of offshoring to Vietnam can be a game-changing solution.

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