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IOS Developer - Top Trending Career in Young Generation

According to statistics for many years, iOS users are the ones who pay more than any other mobile platform. In addition, the revenue, mobile’s market share of IOS and IOS Developer still dominates when compared with other platforms.

In mobile market nowadays, choosing iOS instead of other operating systems, like Android, or Hybrid is always a priority step for businesses. Because, when compared to the Hybrid application, a native iOS application will have the advantages of stability, smoothness, the ability to optimize the performance of the device as well as the user experience. If compared with Android in the current reality, both mobile platforms have developed steadily and the demand of the market is very large. However, in fact, many enterprises choose iOS as the first platform when they need to develop mobile applications. The cause stems from the stability and efficiency obtained from reality.

The definition of IOS

The definition of IOS (I-Phone Operating system) is easily recognizable with people who are using different types of I-Phone developed by Apple Inc. Initially, IOS is created for I-Phones only, but it will be wide-spread for other mobile phones of many well-known brands because of its exceptional features.

However, IOS still has certain restrictions, and need to be improved for smooth operation. It will be the reason to explain for the rapid increasing of IOS Developers’ recruitment. IOS Developers will take over maintaining and developing IOS and help users to make the most of it effectively.

The main task of IOS Developer

To start with, it is necessary to be well-defined the main task of IOS Developers. Simply speaking, IOS Developers take responsibility for the development and maintenance of applications operated by IOS on both mobile phones and tablet computers. It refers that they will perform all activities of designing, building testing, then developing the operating system in accordance with the demands of company or clients. They also have the cooperation with other engineers and developers in improving and bettering the system as well as the layers of infrastructure. Additionally, one of other main roles of IOS Developers is to ensure the performance, the quality and the response of applications which are under the operation of IOS.

Because of the unique features of occupation, being an IOS Developer requires more particular qualifications than others. The prerequisite for IOS Developers is that they need to have strong understanding as well as deep knowledge of IOS and know how IOS works on the different applications in various products of Apple Inc. Normally, IOS Developers will gain fundamental knowledge from IT training-colleges to become computer science engineers or related subjects, then based on the their work to get much more experience. According to variety of Internet sources, IOS Developers need to be proficiency with

Objective C or Swift, and Coca touch, or experience with IOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation and other software that will efficiently assist them in working process with IOS. Besides that, IOS Developers should equip for themselves interpersonal skills to support their careers. High requirement of creativity, meticulosity, and accuracy are a must, and the necessity of team working or working under high pressure is also highly encouraged.

xCode - A powerful assistant of IOS Developer

Before coming to xCode, developers need to know IDE well. IDE abbreviated for Integrated Development Environment is software that provides programmers with an integrated environment, included various tools such as code writing programs or code editors, debugger programs, simulator to simulate application when running in real life, .... In other words, IDE is software which includes other software packages to help develop software applications.

For any programming language, IDE plays an important role in supporting tool. If it is missing, productivity will not be effective. With iOS programmers, xCode is a same tool. Nearly all iOS programmers in the world use xCode for iOS programming. Apple has built and provided a great set of IDE for their developers. Not only support coding or debugging, IOS Developers can also perform many tasks with xCode such as merge source code, extract ipa or push build versions to Apple Store, ... Everyone will not be able to write properly if they do not know how to use the pen. So, open xCode and try to use everything with the curiosity of a child.

IOS Developer needs to know

After understanding basic knowledge, iOS programming includes the process of studying and acquiring a lot of different knowledge of the system. However, for beginners, the assessment for the priority of this knowledge is quite difficult. Which actually uses more, which is good but has applied less, it is difficult to distinguish. Actually, some of the essential knowledge areas of an iOS programmer can list as follows:

  • Understand and know to use system controls: label, button, table view, collection view, navigation controller, tab bar, ...

  • Understanding messaging methods in the application: delegate, KVO, notification, ...

  • Understand and know to use the ways to store data in applications with NSUserDefault, file, CoreData, ...

  • Know how to use StoryBoard, Interface Builder, Autolayout, Auto resize

  • Use some system frameworks such as MediaPlayer, Location, MapKit

  • Understand the operation mechanism and handle tasks with APNS

The market of IOS Developer

With the considerable growth of Apple’s products, IOS is more and more popular with users all over the world, and the demand of IOS developers’ recruitment is much more essential than ever as a result. Also, IOS Developers will currently be welcomed by many countries in various industries where IOS is applied for. Therefore, to be a liaison between clients and IOS developers is a necessity, and recruitment agencies are the best choice for both.


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