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The Pivotal Guide to Become a Well-Qualified Python Developer for Beginners

Python Developer is one of the hottest vacancies in the digital age. Nevertheless, you may not find the right definition of Python developing in the textbook. There are many tasks and roles relating to the Python Developer such as a web developer, a data analyst, an automation tester, and a software engineer.

If you are interested in coding a programming language but you have no idea about the Python developing, this article will help you find the correct answer.

What is a Python developer?

A Python Developer is responsible for making sides of the server in web application logic. In hypothesis, the language has two types – Python 2 and Python 3. These distinctions are required at the same time because an excellent Python Developer could do two variations with ease.

Recruiters often need the back-end elements, connect to the other parties in web services, and help the front-end masters by combining their works with the Python application.

Reasons to learn Python programing

Python is applied in many industries between website, game development, academic research, artificial intelligence, computing research, and machine learning. It is a good way to enter the programming world. It is also simple to learn as the first language and getting precious skills to use in any stacking program.

Moreover, Python is a compact tool to being used in any career, so any company needs to hire a Python Developer.

Ease of learning

Python language is full of emotion and fertile as well. Thus, we can find solutions fast and other people also understand it effortlessly. One of the basic ideas behind Python is to make the language smoother and readable for coding.

The syntax Python does not have any issue and it is comprehensible to understand. This is because it is similar to English which we can undertake on a regular basis. Additionally, you must not tackle complicated syntax in Python.

On the flip side, the Python code rigorously relies on the use of accurate indentation. So, it makes the code straightforward and structured. This language is recommended for those who had not written code before. Thanks to clean and plain syntax, you can jump it into easily.

Several opportunities for anyone

Even Python is a simple programming language for starters; it still has powers and useful resources to upgrade your skills to the next level. You certainly might do anything in Python. Believe me, Python Developers often receive many projects which are made in that language. The Python is quite small and primary to fit on any devices and server.

When you learn it, you are able to reach out opportunities in several fields such as database science, machine learning, web and game development, AI, and a lot of computing researchers. In essence, it is an adaptable coding language to learn for newbies. Even if you want to change another field, Python is a great destination to start again.

High value and demand

You will be surprised at knowing several enterprises use Python language in their websites and applications. This program is a favorite one for startups around the world. The platform is friendly to use and straightforward to innovate, anyone can start and this trend is scalable, valuable, and long-lasting.

Open source

Python has an open-source that you can catch other structures and aspects you want. Furthermore, it is truly common and has a huge community of developers from countries to the world. They probably support you when you get stuck on the go. Why should you participate in a community once you are a programmer?

Persons in that community can answer your questions or recommend a solution immediately. Sometimes, you cannot find the right ones from your books or tutorials. Technical issues usually happen when doing a developing project or learning with Python. A community has a variable platform like social media, forums, Q&A pages, etc.

Nowadays, the Python community is bigger than before because a lot of starters and developers began learning. In 2017, it is the second common language on Github.

Excellent standard library

In Python, you will not need to write many codes as Python has good ones in the library. It is also the center of a vast universe of great third-party libraries. This is because many people use Python and Python Developer builds more codes to finish their complex tasks. Thus, starters may access the source as easy as pie.

Responsibilities for Python Developers
  • Depending on a company, this position is flexible in tasks and requirements. Here are a few responsibilities that you can see and prepare for your future job.

  • Design and execute applications like low-latency ones.

  • Write codes that can be reusable, testable, and effective.

  • Highly pay close attention to database protection and security issues.

  • Integrate many user-facing components made by front-end developers from main servers.

  • Merge database storage solutions such as key-value stores and blog stores.

Qualifications and necessary skills
  • Have Python knowledge as well as Python web framework like Django and Flask (relying on the technology stack).

  • Adapt new Object Relational Mapper libraries.

  • Able to combine various database sources and other ones in a major system only.

  • Understand the Python threading limitations and diverse architecture processes.

  • Know server-side template languages (Mako, Jinjia, etc.)

  • Get a primary understanding of front-end technologies (CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, etc.)

  • Know how to protect websites and other pieces of security compliance.

  • Know basic principles in design behind one scalable app.

  • Have knowledge of authentication users and other related systems.

  • Able to distinguish between many delivery platforms like mobile and desktop.

  • Able to optimize specific structures.

  • Capable of making data schemas showing and supporting all of the business processes.

  • Understand code versioning gadgets (SVN, Git, and Mercurial).

Tips to help you create a great resume

  • Ensure to add tools, projects, frameworks relating to the Python. At the same time, you should add your management skills in each project.

  • Show your portfolio: how many codes were you wrote well and other scales of work (if relevant).

  • Adjust your resume to the vacancy you are going to apply.

  • Diminish anything that is not equivalent to the Python tasks you are applying for a company.

  • Put your achievements, research papers, and other related projects.

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