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Software Tester - The Foremost Software's Experience

It is said that companies do not need to find software testers for launching a tech product. A developer also does similar duty and the firms probably save a lot of money. In fact, Software Tester play an important role in application development.

In general, they are quality assurance gurus who put all of the Apps to find out bugs and other issues. As a result, testers have to run all types of tests at different phases of a software life cycle. Moreover, Software testing is so crucial to the quality and adoption of the final stage of a product. And so, they should take part in the planning and design stage as well as the production time.

What does a tester mean?

Like other testers in any industry, a software tester is responsible for finding errors, defects, and other bugs which probably impacts the performance of an app or computer software. They always have to involve in a software development process and the team to understand how is software built.

In general, they are good at testing tools, techniques, and some levels of software development through their experiences and knowledge. Some of the elements that a software tester needs to gain:

  • Unit testing

  • System testing

  • Black box testing

  • Load testing

  • User acceptance testing (UAT)

  • Scalability testing

Things make a good software tester

Several enterprises mostly look for candidates, who have a bachelor degree in Math, Computer Science, and Engineering. Even if we do not have a college degree, we still enter this job when getting a lot of experience with strong references and good work history. An intermediate level usually requires around 6 years of software testing experience. Or a candidate should have a combination of education and experience in 3 years. No matter how we prepare for this career, here are a couple of skills we need to gain:

  • Make automated document, manual test plans, procedures, and execute tests. He or she also analyzes results and reports on document issues and test problems as well

  • Monitor software testing process in all stages of the software life cycle

  • Know variable development methodologies like environments, software testing structures, Scrum and Agile

  • Know different testing tools

  • Able to monitor common tools such as Linux, UNIX, and Windows

  • Become a great communicator (both in verbal and written) with clients, operations, product managers, and developers

  • Able to use different programming languages like JavaScript, C#, C++, SQL, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java

Some positions require programming skills and in-depth understanding of databases only. Employees do not have to get many years of programming experience to become a software tester. This is the good news for starters!

Some tasks that a software tester can do
Types of testing programs
  • Security testing

  • Functional testing

  • Usability testing

  • Regression testing

  • ATDD

  • Load testing

  • Monkey testing

  • Test automation

  • Checking

  • Stress testing

  • Performance testing

Some popular bugs they will solve
  • Fixing bugs

  • Re-testing bugs

  • Re-opening bugs

  • Raising bugs and breaking others

  • Managing bugs

  • Validating bugs

Types of activities that they often do testing
  • Review all test strategies, cases, and plans

  • Monitor and report programs

  • Do the process improvement

  • Utilize suitable codes to test environments

  • Solve problems in programming

  • Find out broken assumptions

  • Manage some administrative tasks

  • Write the mind map

  • Write automated scripts

  • Generate test databases

  • Maintain tests

  • Write test tools

  • Continue the test environment

Methods of software testing

To judge the condition of a piece of software, we need to use a special way. Here are some methods to undertake.

Black-box testing

This focuses on the final influences and testers do not have to put any code. They use it when:

  • Direct interface

  • Problems in database structures

  • Missing and wrong functions

  • Termination problems and initialization errors

White-box testing

This method highlights on the inside platform of the product. Knowledge and well-known programming are vital for white-box testing. Testers probably check the codes to seek the failure.

Static testing

The testers possibly check the software’s codes and documenting without controlling the program. The static testing often begins in the first developmental stage.

Dynamic testing

Testers should compare final results with expected behavior in this approach.

GUI testing

The test is collected to analyze GUI elements, lists, fonts, lawets, lists, and text formats. Each test is flexible with automated one or manual test. The third-party firms may undertake this method as it consumes many hours.

Life cycle in working of a software tester

Recognize the life cycle of the software testing and roles we are in it are essential to doing smooth in this field. As we need to solve the problems in the development process or rollout of the product.

If testing is completed well, the rollout to clients or users will go great. If testing has something wrong, the rollout could get stuck on troubles when customers explore all of the software programs have bugs. The whole team must add more efforts in the testing stage.

Inappropriate testing can cause various problems to a company, including their brands and sales revenues. Therefore, developers and testers should keep their eyes on the software program. Though we can learn this major in a college, we also need to improve our skills and participate in extra training sessions. We should make a plan to add something on our resume.

Attempt to add more certifications which our industry probably requires. Ask our company or other organizations to attend. Also, find anyone who is qualified and getting a huge range of experience in the industry. Expand the relationship is also necessary to promote we in the future.


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