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Is there a Genius Programmer In Reality?

Someone has considered existing developers as a race of superhuman intellectuals. The developers are excited how far they had come. However, there's something they still did not know. What is the fact? Is there a Genius Programmer? The answer is here.

There's a popular and amusingly thought. It consists of fear of the unknown and self-importance. They suppose that the land of giants must be much bigger than they can imagine. This leads to fear. They think that their role is so important that failing to implement will make the earth break. This results in self-importance. If you want to understand who the fearful self-important person is, this article may help you. Moreover, you can find out the answer to the question "Is there Genius Programmer?".

Wrong thoughts of genius programmer There are some wrong definitions of real Genius programmer. A lot of programmers suppose that they know everything to handle their tasks. They start write a piece of software. When they finish their code for the first time and everything just works effectively. They emerge with something brilliant and world changing. The code is bug-free, robust and even has a poetic beauty.

Nowadays, the world is forever altered. It may probably become better. Accordingly, they think that the code is memorialized and never needs changing. It’s an unfortunate story.

Build right thoughts on real genius programmer In fact, there is no genius programmer. Stories of “geniuses” often tell about people who got achievements. However, people usually exaggerated and mythologized those stories.

Typically, we ignore the numerous failures and setbacks that a successful person overcame before becoming a star. Additionally, we consider them as famous people, focus only on the most outstanding parts of their lives and ignore anything that makes them normal like failures. If you ask anyone who has achieved something impressive, you’ll realize that they have failed at it a lot. It is more times than we have thought about trying.

To be a real genius programmer, you need to increasingly learn everyday. If you see an unfamiliar thing, you should read up on it right way. Do not to keep reading until you are confident that you understand obviously what it talks about. It's not necessary to learn a topic at all aspects. You just have enough knowledge of its role, pros and cons and how to learn more.

When you improve your knowledge of the problem, you improve your ability to solve it simultaneously. If you have robust understanding, you will be able to solve the problem better. In addition, it allows you to solve the problem with the right level of sophistication. By contrast, you can waste much time on the theoretical aspects of the problem.

How to become a real genius programmer

Be willing to share your knowledge As we know, programming is a collaborative work. You should seek to work with people who have more knowledge than you in a certain topic. Understanding s not a linear scale. It is peaks and valleys around discrete topics. Therefore, it's better to have someone help you. His knowledge topology is complimentary to yours. Remember that seniority is not an important factor you need to concern.

You should share your professional knowledge with others and listen to what they say simultaneously. Explaining your opinions out loud is good advice. When your thoughts are fully formed, you can explain them clearly and fluently. Everyone can understand and grasp your ideas more rapidly.

Be patient in your Genius Programmer career Writing code is not an easy job. All of us know this. Probably, you can not get the right solution on the first try. If you fail, try something different and fail, repeat and repeat. Do not worry because you will certainly learn something new every time. It's similar to writing prose. Accordingly, you will never get a perfect first draft. You might rewrite many times. However, in the next times, when someone give you a new problem, you will be able to tackle the problem. When you learn, do not care how good you are. The most critical skill is just going for it.

Be conscious of the code you’re writing You should not be sentimental about the code you have written. Basically, programming is an inherently creative activity. However, the fact that your own code is not part of you or your identity.

It's risk to feel fancy without any reason. You can have a fun with with new technologies or techniques. Be careful! If it has more moving parts, it can break in more ways. Therefore, you can try on building the dumbest thing that works. Then, you will scale the sophistication of your solution to match the difficulty of the problem.

It's funny but real that you should not try outsmart yourself. We can not address a problem at the same level of consciousness at which we created it. If you are building something code smart, be sure that you have enough smartness left over to debug it. That’s warning.

Be welcome your mistakes When you have failure and retry, your failures get smaller and the successes get larger at the same time. If you fail fast, you can build this momentum and improve your skills better. When you have failure and retry, your failures get smaller and the successes get larger at the same time. If you fail fast, you can build this momentum and improve your skills better.

The first thing you should do is to solve the hardest things first. Pursue the things you are uncertain about, make minimum proof of concept changes to ensure your solution is viable. Therefore, do not be afraid to make mistakes.


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