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What Programming Language Should I Learn For My Career?

‘What programming language should I learn?’ is a familiar question of most starters in code career. This issue makes them embarrassing when determining their major in the future. Our article may give you some useful advice. Take a look.

To answer ‘What programming language should I learn?’, ask more

A lot of people who are beginners in coding field are looking for the answer to the question ‘What programming language should I learn?’ Depending on who you ask, some people will attempt to steer these beginners down a biased path. There is a problem with their kindness. That’s people always tend to recommend only what they know as giving you advice.

In fact, many people advocate for Python without giving any reason. Meanwhile, they vehemently against Java, PHP, JavaScript, and anything programming languages they do not know about. Therefore, you have to listen to this kind of advice extremely carefully. However, the most important thing is, you have bad advice because you are asking the wrong questions.

If you want to be a desired developer, you need to remember two following questions. They are ‘What do you want to achieve in coding field?’ and ‘How can you get there?’

To be a game developer, what programming language should I learn

Game developer is a common job with the widest possibilities for you. However, it results in another question ‘What’s kind of game developer you want to be? Do you want to do the art side of gaming? Or find opportunities to make virtual reality games? How do you think about mobile app games?’ You can even choose indie releases on steam.

Actually, C++ is the most popular language used when we mention commercialized game development. People create games such as The Witcher 3 and Elder Scrolls V in this programming language. In addition, there are some game development engines like Unreal only run on C++ as well. For engines, it’s essential for you to figure out way of using the tools. These tools will leverage the game-making process. Unity engine is another common tool but it also uses C#.

For becoming a web developer, what programming language should I learn

In fact, web development is a much wider field than many people think of. The usual programming languages you need to know is HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, you may need a framework or library like Angular or React to make your job easier. Being a official web developer (or as a full stack developer), you need to add to your knowledge base about infrastructure, database and back-end development.

For infrastructure, you will need to learn cloud-based knowledge and skills. Remember the big three technologies that help you have attention of potential employers. They consist of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The ideas behind a lot of services they provide are transferable. However, we can have distinct and unique ways of working with each service. Typically, the businesses may offer free tiers for you to experiment and even play in.

For database, you have to know two programming languages including mySQL and MongoDB. Especially, Amazon has its own version of tableless database. It is DynamoDB with full management. Meanwhile, Google has a mobile development platform. It is Firebase. This platform can double as your backend through Firebase API systems.

Eventually, if you want to create your own APIs, learn some kind of back-end-based language like Java or node.js. You can have other options: PHP, C++ and C#. In addition, serverless microservices create APIs thanks to a combination of various services as well. They can be pairings of AWS Lambda with API Gateway, or Azure functions with API Management (in Azure). In conclusion, web developers should check local market demands before you join in, especially for back-end development. By contrast, you can decide to hit the Java books while everyone wants to hire developers for PHP or node.js only.

To make apps, what programming language should I learn

Nowadays, there are many ways to make apps. If you say that you make apps, you may talk about mobile apps. Actually, there is a kind of mobile app called Progressive Web Apps (PWA). It uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript run through a framework that creates mobile native code. You can easily reuse your skills as a web developer to reduce the necessary time to make the same app for different platforms. It’s still a worthy native mobile app developer. Your chosen device will decide whether you are going to use Java for Android or Swift for iOS.

It’s useful for you to learn infrastructure, databases, and backend technologies for API creations. That’s because you may need to store data at some point. If you do not have infrastructure knowledge and essential skills to create APIs, you can not have endpoints to connect to your database.

The best answer of ‘What programming language should I learn’ question

Finally, ‘What programming language should I learn’ is a difficult question to answer. The reason is you ask for directions without an obvious destination. Therefore, studying web technologies is probably your best choice. With this, you can get more opportunities. When you try to make something commercially viable with Java or the C languages, you can get the fruits of hard labors better and faster. We recommend JavaScript, the easiest programming languages to learn. However, you should be sure to learn this language properly. Additionally, you can dig into programming paradigms like SOLID and cohesion. Then, you will learn how JavaScript works in libraries and frameworks.

In conclusion, if you have a obvious idea of what you want to achieve in coding industry, you can pave the path to your desired destination. Your questions should be more specific, and you will get the desired result easily. You should enhance skills to ask the right questions. This will help you in the long run, especially in case you stuck on a piece of code and need support from the internet. Frame questions will lead to a speedy and right response.


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