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The Top Languages for Enterprise Development

Unlike client application programming, where the option of language is often decided by the native SDK and integrated development environment (IDE), back-end systems are more pliable. Because of the learning curve and network effects, language tends to be tenacious and changing at a slow pace. Programmers might not love new languages like Rust and Kotlin, but a recent survey from the Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) indicates that Java and Javascript are the top-notch enterprise languages. Nonetheless, there are other top languages which a company can take into account.

8 popular languages for company development


Java is still an effective language over 20 years. It is the flexible result of the C language allowing us to write once and convenience. This is because it supports the developers to run the platform in any environment.

When early executions did not show the performance targets, but any issues was solved by Moore’s Law. The original design goal of Java shows that this language is simple, powerful, safe, portable, dynamic, high-performance, and even object-oriented.

The Developer Economics survey provides another new clue to Java’s increasing use – Java now is a popular language with cloud providers and supported by cloud APIs. Because their report puts it, cloud developers use Java to get outstanding flexibility in choosing a cloud host. The development in Java use probably reflects a wish of an adjusting market.


PHP is a simple handwriting language which is exceedingly helpful on Web servers for making content. It also includes Web server that calls the PHP module, explains and carries out the code. These probably call external data and come back to the resulting HTML. This language is practical because you can embed it an HTML page and in some the popular websites like WordPress, Wikipedia, and Facebook.

PHP usually serves as the handwriting like Perl and Python. It is convenient to use, but it is slower than other modern scripting alternatives. Furthermore, it is not as safe as a lot of hacking problems can destroy.


SQL is invariably used to obtain and update records from data to back-end services, including a database store has been a piece of back-end development for generations. Initially made for relational databases like Oracle, SQL could be used with NoSQL databases and some key-value stores such as OrientDB and Hadoop.

SQL is also supported by both relational and non-relational cloud databases services such as Google Cloud SQL, Datastore, Azure SQL, and DocumentDB, AWS RDS and Redshift.


Though JavaScript is known as a Web client scripting language in the native apps and browser like Google Docs, it is now a common back-end language. Node.js is a good example running JavaScript and is available on Windows and Linux server.

A certain benefit of using JavaScript for Web apps is code compatibility across server modules. Thus, it is called isomorphic applications. Isomorphic JavaScript applications may run server-side and client-side, as well as the front-end sharing and the back-end one in the similar code.


Like PHP and JavaScript, Python is also an interpreted language. Nonetheless, JavaScript is easy to read than C++. Python syntax is understandable and simple to use. Thus, it is now the most popularly used language in the foundation classes of Computer Science.


Ruby is possibly not a hot language, but it is also object-oriented one which shares several syntactical components with Python and Java. It is often used as a Web back-end. Ruby is usually paired with Rails framework to make back-end applications in data following the model-view-controller pattern. Some of Rails powers are the biggest properties in the Internet like Hulu, Github, Basecamp, and Airbnb.

C# and C/C++

C is the programming language which provides us Linux and Unix. After 40 years, this is still an efficient language that some Internet services use that. C++ is more modern as it has new templates, polymorphism, operators, and object orientation.

C# is developed by Microsoft for the .NET framework, it is the newest object-oriented evolution in the C group which starts off C++’s adaptability for enjoyment by diminishing mistake tasks like memory management. Basically, C# looks like Java as it is made of garbage collection.

Final Words

According to the latest survey from the Developer Economics about 22,000 mobile, desktop, and Internet of Things, those languages used for cloud development which we may get a great proxy for back-end company services and boosted their levels of actual use as a basic language.


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