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10 Subjects to Become Good Computer Programmers in the Digital Era

10 Subjects to Become Good Computer Programmers in the Digital Era

Predominantly, a computer programmer makes codes for a piece of a software application as well as operating systems. After the programmers create a computer program, they will write codes which transfer a set of design instruction a computer can understand.

Then, they check the program to recognize errors and rewrite codes until these do not have any errors. They also evaluate in-use programs, update and adjust something in the program (if relevant).

It is amazing to hear their jobs are like a solid cycle and their roles are so important in keeping the program in the computer smooth. However, it is quite difficult to take part in the computer program. Here are 10 subjects that all programmers should learn to get a great career growth.

10 Subjects to Become Good Computer Programmers in the Digital Era

1. Database platforms and Algorithms

If you want to become a good programmer, you need to master database structure and algorithms. Please keep in mind that there is not any shortcut to skip the steps. Every company will ask you the primary data structures like linked list, set, and array.

Remember that this is an important topic that any recruiter will ask candidates in the job interview. Thus, you should put your serious effort to learn database platforms and algorithms during your computer course at school.

Data structure & algorithims

Even if you are a self-taught programmer only, you could learn these things. The good news is that several programming boot camps will teach these as the first thing in the course. Deep Dive Using Java is an outstanding place to kick off.

2. Source control

Source control is applied to keep codes in the database structures. Whether you want to be a great software developer or a coder only, you will need to learn the Git and SVN – two popular version control tools.

Source control

The good news is that more than 70% of organizations around the world use these two tools these days. Therefore, you will have more chances to learn and practice them promptly. Furthermore, you should take all of your effort into the Git learning as well as other advanced concepts such as merging, branching, GUI, and the command line.

3. Text editors

Text editors are not parts of the computer science course in most schools, but you should spend time to learn it. Achieving some tips in the text editors and keyboard shortcuts probably help you a lot in some serious situations. Do not wait for seeing that because the issue will be worse.

4. IDEs

The IDE is one of the most important tools for all modern programmers. For C, C++, and C# programmers, the option is totally clear. Visual Studio and Jupiter Notebooks are getting greater in every single day for Python developers. Three main IDEs for Java programmers to pick – NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA, and the most robust tools are the IntelliJ IDEA.

5. Database and SQL

SQL is not new. It has been for more than 30 years and it continues in many years. Provided the database’s omnipresence, it is required from a programmer that he goods at database concepts such as table design, SWL, and other normalization.

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There are several databases but the real things are one only – and it is enough. The key point here is that a programmer knows how to do with the database like adding, updating, deleting, and writing SQL queries to output.

6. UNIX or Linux

UNIX has also been around several years and it is still common. Because most of the programmers need to work in Linux machines, good knowledge of Linux is a big plus. It helps you resolve the problem easily and smoothly. You ought to research files or folders in the system by checking CPUs and memory usages. You also upgrade your standard tasks and doing more advanced things with a computer only.

7. Networking basics

Today, our world is interconnected and you can connect to other people through the computer networks. You may begin from your office or home, where you use Wireless across a lot of devices, to colleges or offices which run Local Area Network (LAN) to the Internet.

Networking basics

Most of the applications have connected networks to the server’s clients where the recommendation will go around the network and a server. In other words, your customers may access the application in anywhere from countries to the countries.

8. Microsoft Excel

Mastering Microsoft Excel is not a joke with computer programmers. It is one of the most marvelous tools for people from a project manager, a trader, a business person, to software developers and programmers. All features of Excel are more than the spreadsheet software.

Excel can give a lot of helpful functions and features to do with the database analysis tasks. You may track progress, study the database, check the database quality, doing the project planning, and restore data in a modern way.

You do not have to copy and paste database in a traditional way (it wastes you many hours), using the basic functions of the Excel to keep time with filtering or sorting.

9. Programming languages

As a programmer, you always know some typical programming languages like Java, C++, JavaScript, and Python. You can choose all of them to learn or pick some only.

Programming languages

Java and Python are the most important things in the programming languages. It is not difficult to begin and it is also powerful to support you become a tremendous developer.

These languages have gotten sources to learn basic things like web development and big data. For instance, Complete Java MasterClass is the most excellent place to start.

10. Scripting languages

Why should all computer programmers learn the scripting language? This is because it supports you in solving some common problems in your programming tasks.

For those who learn Python, they will know the importance of the scripting language.

This is a great way to help you think the language in a logical way. In some situations, you may realize the solution when writing codes.

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