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Data Structures

Data Structures

With most of students, especially students who study in information technology, the term data structure maybe is no longer a stranger. It helps people very much in their life form save, organize ordered data to system data. Today, JT1 will provide you some information about Data Structures.

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The definition of Data Structures

In computer science, a data structure is understood as a data organization, storage and management which allows to efficient access and modification. More clearly, data structures also is a collection of data values, the relationships among them or operations that is used for accessing the data.

The foundation of the data structure is made up of two basic concept:

- Interface: Each Data Structure has a Interface. The interface often represents a set of calculations which a data structure supports. An interface also provides a list of supported calculations. the types of parameters they can accept and the return type of these calculations.

- Implementation: It provide internal representation of a data structure. Besides, it also provides the definition of the algorithm used in data structure calculations.

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Characteristics of a Data Structure:

- Correctly: The data structure implementation should implement its interface precisely.

- Time Complexity: The running time or execution time of the data structure calculations must be as small as possible.

- Space Complexity: The memory usage of each calculation of the data structure should be as small as possible.

The reasons should study data structures:

Nowadays, applications are becoming more complicated and the amount of data is increasing with many diverse types. This brings up issues that many programmers faces, including:

- Searching data: Today, when data is increase, the finding also will become slower and more expensive.

- Processor speed: Although processor has a high speed, it is limited when the amount of data is up to billions of records, the processing speed will no longer be fast.

- Multiple requests: When thousands of users perform a search on a Web Server, no matter how fast that Web Server is, having to handle thousands of calculations at the same time is really difficult.

To can solve these problems, the data structure is known as a great solution. Data can be organized in data structure in such a way that when searching for an element, the requested data is immediately found.

The Array Data Structure

Array is one of the oldest and most important data structures. Arrays can hold a number of fixed elements and these background elements have the same type. Most of data structures use arrays to implement algorithms. It includes some basic operations:

- Browse: Print all array elements according to how each element is printed.

- Insert: Add an element to the array at the given index.

- Delete: Deletes an element from the array at the given index.

- Search: Search for an element by using index or by value.

- Update: Updates the value of an element at a given index.

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Having a deep knowledge of data structure will help you quickly advance faster in the field of information technology that you pursue.

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