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What Will Make You Become The Best Senior Developer

What Will Make You Become The Best Senior Developer

We have many discussions on the career development of a developer. In this article, we will tell you about the process that a developer will be able to experience to become a senior developer.

Get a developer position after graduation

You graduate from a university with a Bachelor’s degree in IT major or related industries. Then, you work as a newbie in a team of 15-20 members. In your company, there will be some senior engineers who have many years of experience. You can observe, ask and learn from them. That sounds great.

These senior developers might have become CTOs (Chief Technology Officer) or moved to large software companies like Oracle, Baidu, Microsoft, IBM, etc. In the past, they worked in different software companies to accumulate experience. You may feel difficult to understand their thoughts. It seems to exceed your capacity.

Graduation is the first step on the career path of a senior developer

Everything will be fine. A working environment will facilitate you to promote your capacity. First of all, your colleges are very important. The well-experienced developers help you to improve the knowledge of writing code. The more senior developer you work with, the more new understandings you can learn.

In addition, some companies extremely concern about employee’s ability development. Therefore, they will give you a lot of challenges to overcome. If you accomplish your tasks and responsibilities well, the career path is very positive and broad.

What should you do?

In this period, you need to have a good attitude and a basic foundation.

Be eager to learn and everyone will be ready to share their experiences with you. An honest attitude is good but not enough. To turn the other knowledge into yours, you must have studying capacity and robust understandings of basic things. As a result, you will be able to capture the thoughts and opinions of experts effectively and quickly.

Do more, get more

Be systematic to consolidate your knowledge and skills. Since you were at university, you learned a lot of things. You can not remember them at all. It’s not necessary, too. The most important thing is that you need to understand vital issues for application in your job.

What would you get?

First, you have a deeper knowledge of the codebase. The first challenge you have to overcome is the codebase and its productiveness. You need to spend time learning about the language, the frameworks, and the code structure.

Second, you learn how to work in a team. If your manager has a specific plan for you at the beginning, it's great. Accordingly, you will work with other members on various projects. This is extremely helpful. You can improve both the knowledge and skills as well as possible.

Top list IT jobs

Third, you are able to write good code. Writing code is a long process. It takes much time to learn and be a good coding writer. There is something required to know including unit test coverage, software design patterns, and architecture of code.

Next, you know the way of debugging and troubleshooting. There are a large number of problems you will learn how to debug and troubleshoot. We hereafter list some of them. You pay attention to log files and deployed packages. This is to test servers. What do you do?

- Debug remotely any tested environment. - Write custom JConsole methods in an environment. - Technical support in-office hours and on-call after hours. - Conduct to analyze event tables, memory dumps, and all files with wrong character encoding.

Even if you are a senior, there are still new challenges

These tasks request that you have the ability to analyzing technical issues precisely and quickly.

Seize the opportunities to become an expert in your field

After working on this position for a long time, you basically have a dependent ability. If you are excellent indeed, you will be ready n opportunity comes. Jump at the chance. Your team wants to promote internally and look for someone who has the potential to become a future senior engineer.

Chance is equal to everyone. You are encouraged to join for sure. However, you can feel confused because you have just been a professional engineer for around two years. If you are not confident enough to be a candidate for that position, be calm and keep trying.

Try your best and you will be successful in your job

You are willing to learn and wait for the next chance. To be a senior developer, aside from strong technical knowledge, you have to develop other essential skills. They include skills: leadership, decision-making, communication, problem-solving, etc.

In that period, you can do many things for improvement.

- Learn a new tech stack, a programming language or architecture. - Find anti-patterns and best practices. - Push your productivity more quickly. - Practice empathy and emotional intelligence. - Take part in bigger technical projects. - Learn to think more comprehensive (get accustomed to asking more difficult questions). - Address all problems in dev, test, and production. - Monitor application performance. …..

Once you seriously do those things, you can increase your overall level.


There are the most vital factors in the process of becoming a senior developer. First, you have to belive in your career. Second, determine obviously your strengths and weakness. Third, ask yourself to know clearly what you really desire in the future position. Finally, try your best to overcome every challenge.

On our website, there are always helpful posts for developers. If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to leave them below. We will share with you our opinions.

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