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Developer Productivity

Developer Productivity

The work of developers is stressful and challenging and it is very easy to reduce the capacity and productivity of developers. Today, JT1 will provide for you some information about mistakes and some ways to be a more productive developer.

Developer Productivity

Dangerous mistakes cause loss of productivity in programmers' work

1. No clearly goals:

The works of developers will be boring if each developer is not building clearly a goal for themself.

2. No spend time to improve soft skills:

Soft skills play a very important role besides technical skills for developers. The job requirements of programmers are constantly changing. Therefore, the job requires a high degree of concentration, problem solving and self-encouragement. As a result, if you don’t improve soft skills, you will always be in a state of stress.

3. No specialization:

It will be very boring and tiring if you do not choose for yourself a field to dig deeper.

Ways to be a more developer productivity:

1. Priority:

For a busy developer, it is important to plan and organize your plans in order of priority. Because you will no many time to do too much work. This can be applied both to your long-term plan and to your daily work. If you look at your daily schedule, you will see that there are jobs highlighted in red, jobs highlighted in orange and blue. The red ones are the most important things, so I will try to do it first of the day, because then my brain is still fine, the worse the end of the day, the worse I will do the green.

2. Leverage:

If developers want their work to achieve the highest productivity, they should know how to share work with others. When someone they are good at in certain fields, they often want to do it alone without trusting others. However, we all need to learn how to use others and Save time and energy for more important tasks.

3. Spend time to plan:

There are many project managers who fail to provide clear and precise demands for what needs to be built. As a result, developers are forced to design or redesign plan, paragraph codes follow regulation. By taking the time to a suitable project plan and simplify the planning process. Developers will save much time so as to repair and redesign while coding and this will help increase the productivity of developers.

4. Automate the deployment process:

With constant real-time feedback through dedicated application monitoring tools, the developers can see reacts of users when they are experiencing application. In addition to continuous integration and automated testing, your code is always ready to use and allows you to send code several times a day. Or finding fault and usability issues is a fast process and does not cause any harm. This will be a big win in improving developer productivity.

5. Increase review and code quality:

To many developers review code is considered as an important work that makes improve quality. Regularly review code will help developers determine and solve problems that arise early before it causes bigger problems for the company.

If you are under pressure from your developer productivity job, please read the above article to find the best method for you.

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