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How to learn data science for free?

How to learn data science for free?

Data science is a new specialty that has received a lot of attention, especially from young passionate enthusiasts. But not everyone has enough time and conditions to take formal courses in data science. Therefore, self-study is being sought by many young people, learning how to study it for free? Please refer to the article below to get the most necessary information.

Equipping technological skills

1. Equipping technological skills

This is essential if you want to study data science without going to school. Technological skills are what you need to equip before you start researching the deeper theories of data science. To best serve the study of data science, you need to be proficient in Python because this is the main tool in this field. Equipping yourself with technology skills will help you learn data science for free.

In addition to Python, you should also learn some other programming languages ​​to flexibly apply if necessary, R is also a programming language that you should grasp.

2. Learn Python fundamentals

As mentioned above, Python is an important key for learning data science for free so mastering Python's fundamentals is a must for those intending to begin an intensive field study in this area.

Grasping principles like basic syntax, functions, control flow, modules, and classes of Python are not only useful for learning data science but also complement us with information that serves for the future, especially IT enthusiasts.

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3. Analyze data with Python

Not only do you understand the basic principles of Python, but you also need to know how to analyze data through Python. To do this, you should also use the free software of learning data analytics roadmap. There are many free data sources available, you can train yourself to improve the ability of data analysis with Python, so that later when exposed in the data science will promote all the functions of it.

4. Python for machine learning

Finding free sources of data on the internet today is plentiful, but not all of them are useful data, a lot of data requires us to buy or take a course to be offered. That's why the real Python machine learning application was born, effectively serving free data science learning by learning theory through previous practical exercises. Thanks to the utilities that Python brings, more and more people trust and choose this software

Python for machine learning

5.Understand SQL

If you want to become a data science manager in the future, you need to understand SQL as well. This is known to be an important skill in the process of basic data modeling by extracting data from the beginning, but you should pay attention to the knowledge needed to accumulate to become a manager data scientist.

Some free sites also provide information about SQL, if you are interested can search and research the necessary information yourself, some of these free data sources about SQL can also help you solve. There are a lot of cases in later work with professional data science management.

In addition to the above, there are other issues to keep in mind when you want to study free data science such as software engineering, related theories, as well as the regular practice of gaining experience and learning. serious. Every investment invested in your best effort will bring worthwhile results if you do the above things you will surely become a data science manager in the future.

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