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How to talk to an engineer?

How to talk to an engineer?

Regardless of a profession in order to understand the languages ​​and the nature of that industry, we need a certain understanding. It is the same for technology engineers, in order to understand and be able to speak with a software engineering engineer in seminars or investment cooperation projects that require requirements from the opposite person. Note below.

An engineer

1. Workshop based on facts and figures

There are many situations where people need to communicate with a software engineering engineer, according to the experience of so many people before, engineers will tend to prefer discussions based primarily on Facts and data more. When people get started on a problem at work, engineers don't like it when people try to give their opinions or try to fix it with a fancy chart that shows how people have learned powerpoint.

Doing so will make the communicator feel that people are trying to express things that are not of everyone but simply that people are trying to prove and show the listener about the understanding of myself.

2. They have their own conclusions

This is extremely important in communication with engineers that people need to note. The majority of engineers who want to understand the problem have the opportunity to analyze the data and draw their own conclusions. This is actually the work that they need to handle every day and the analytical problem is always a core part of most technical-related jobs.

Therefore, we should not avoid problems that are good for the last to solve. At the same time, everyone should listen and respect their way of doing things, so that the new work can achieve the desired effect.

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3. State the problem, evidence

Another important thing is the way we raise issues, instead of giving personal opinions, people should proceed to go straight and articulate the problem, provide convincing evidence. Engineers will conduct an analysis of the data that people have come up with to get the best solution to that problem. Besides, people should not try to overdo it or reduce the problem but give the most accurate and truthful data for engineers to receive.

As such, everyone should choose to address the issue with specific evidence and data and have verified the accuracy of that information. At the same time, properly simplifying sources of information will make communication and communication much more effective and also easy and convenient for everyone.

4. Use appropriate languages

For all fields, with the differences there are always separate languages ​​used, the same for software engineers in particular. To demonstrate professionalism, bringing the most useful information to engineers, everyone also needs to choose the appropriate language. Meeting this simple requirement will also help engineers more comfortable to receive such data and see the effort of cooperation between the parties.

Use appropriate languages

The above is information for people on how to communicate with a software engineering engineer. In addition to the above information, depending on the specific object that everyone cooperates with to solve the problem, there should also be other considerations, please flexibly apply your own skills, be sensitive to grasp the enemy to be able to have the most effective communication.

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