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Chatbots - the next big thing

Chatbots - the next big thing

Nowadays, along with the rapid development of technology applications, new tools designed to simplify the interaction between people and computers have come onto the market and chatbots are one such tool.

The definition of chatbots

The definition of chatbots

A Chatbot is known as artificial intelligence or Al, which simulates interactive users’ conversation by natural language under a simple interface, audio or in a form of messages. Chatbots are usually used for marketing systems and basic customer service.

Classified chatbots

Based on the ways of interacting with users, chatbots are divided into 2 categories:

1. Auditory

  • Siri (Apple)

  • Google Assistant (Google)

  • Cortana (Microsoft)

  • Javis of Tony - Stark.

2. Textual

  • Fashion - clothing consultancy (H&M)

  • Food - order pizza (Dominos Pizza)

  • Beauty - personal style (Sephora)

  • Transport - Kanto region tram information.

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Works of chatbots

User request analysis: This is the first function that a chatbots performs. It analyzes the user’s request to determine the user’s purpose.

The ability to determine the user’s intent and extract database, also relevant entities included in the users request is the first thing and the most relevant step at the core of a chatbots: Because, if you are not able to correctly comprehend the user requirements, you won’t be able to provide the correct answer.

Returning the response: Once the user’s purpose has been determined, the chatbots must provide the most appropriate reply for the user’s request as:

  • The result of an action which the chatbot executed by interacting with one or more auxiliary applications.

  • A contextualized part of information based on the database the user has provided.

  • A generic and predefined text

Translator: Translate user requests, help computers understand what they need to do and make decisions whether the chatbot is effective or not.

Processor: Request processing, this component helps the ability of the chatbot is not limited.

Respondent: Receives the output and packaging returns the Messenger platform, giving the user the results.

Differences between bots and chatbots

Differences between bots and chatbots

Bots are one of the first types of automation programs that are run on Facebook in the 1990s. The bot's task is to find some form of messages sent from chat room participants and respond to their needs automatically. Some bots had autorun programs, others only execute when it received specific input.

From the advantages of bots and to overcome some of its disadvantages, chatbots have been created to solve those problems. Firstly, when a bot only works based on input, chatbots have more choices when interpreting commands. Secondly, because Chatbot was supported by artificial intelligence, it can understand more than the meaning of human words and analyze them in a specific context. Thirdly, another advantage of chatbots is the use of information from different sources like CRM, real-time insights and more.

There are different approaches that you can use to improve a chatbot. Depending on the use case you want to resolve. In order to achieve the desired results, the combination of different AI forms may be the best option.

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