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Tips to Properly Staff Your IT Team

When the 2004 film I, Robot was released, it was an illustration of how AI or IT may be woven into our daily lives. The film's depiction of robots assisting people in even the most menial chores seems futuristic at best, and certainly not something that would help companies function more effectively in the contemporary period. Although we are still a long way from having self-driving cars that work flawlessly or our robots assigned to make our lives easier, the integration of information technology, or IT, has made its way into virtually every industry, none more so than positions that use IT themselves or within IT based companies. To summarize, IT has risen by leaps and bounds and is now an important element of the recruitment and staffing sectors to staff your IT team in this industry.

It’s critical to think about the needs of each project as you staff your IT team and assemble the professionals needed to fill each role. What essential skills does your current team lack as you take on new clients and initiatives? And how can you fill those gaps with the help of an IT staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh?

1. What is IT Staffing & Recruiting?

Because of technological improvements, it is more difficult to staff your IT staff and find suitable people for this field. Because the responsibilities are so sophisticated and specialized, there appear to be more opportunities available than talent to fill them. As a result, many IT organizations, and perhaps you can relate, have found themselves in need of reaching out to staffing firms to ensure they receive competent individuals that can appropriately fill a desired role. IT staffers or recruiters are staffing firms that specialize in finding IT personnel. In other words, IT staffing is when one firm assists another in finding applicants that meet requirements for technology-based roles.

IT Staffing & Recruiting
Figure 1. IT Staffing & Recruiting

2. Why is it necessary to have IT-focused staffing?

Many jobs need a certain set of skills, education, or background. However, when it comes to IT positions or those rooted in technology, finding these candidates may be incredibly difficult. IT hiring is a talent in and of itself, and there are frequently insufficient individuals inside a company to perform the function of recruiters and to go out and locate the workers required to fill these vital roles.

IT staffing is a sort of firm that works outside of an agency to assist the agency or company in recruiting the finest employees for their business. Of course, other businesses take a different method, utilizing IT services within their HR departments to ideally handle the work. However, given the ever-changing nature of the technology business, outsourcing to a company that specializes in employing IT for staffing requirements might make a lot of sense, especially given the ultra-competitive nature of the technology market.

3. What about Recruiting, why is that necessary?

Today's business sector is anxious for highly skilled personnel that can complete the appropriate tasks inside their firms. 73% of all IT leaders say that filling unfilled tech roles and recruiting technologists is their biggest difficulty. 90% of recruiting managers say it is tough to fill AI, Data Science, IT, or Cloud jobs with suitable candidates.

Finding the appropriate individual and then ensuring that they come on board frequently involves more than simply advertising a position. Rather, it is all about recruiting and, within that, building connections. In other words, if a potential employee doesn’t connect with a company, they are unlikely to pursue a career. This is just as true, if not more so, in the IT business since potential workers can afford to be a little pickier when they are highly qualified and extremely competent in the IT industry.

It is harder to find candidates through recruiting
Figure 2. It is harder to find candidates through recruiting

To sum it up a little more concisely, IT staffing and recruiting services can help you find the best IT talent for your technology-based roles. This includes the recruitment process and building a relationship between the service and the potential employees. As a result, you can focus on running your business or perfecting the technology that your brand utilizes, while the IT staffing service focuses on building relationships and finding that seemingly impossible to find talent for every role needed within your company.

4. Tips to properly staff your IT team

Now that we've discussed why it's beneficial to work with an IT staffing and recruiting firm to help you fill roles, and how it can make a world of difference in the practical nature of finding the right talent for your brand, it's time to look further into how to properly staff your IT team. This should be done before contacting a hiring firm to assist fill jobs since it will allow you to discuss with them exactly what function the new talent will play and what credentials they should have. Continue reading to find out more:

4.1. Identify your business goals and needs

Have a clear picture of what you’re trying to accomplish before you start staffing your team. Make a list of projects and objectives. Then, for each goal, determine which skill sets are required.

You need to know about your business goals and needs before doing anything else
Figure 3. You need to know about your business goals and needs before doing anything else

You might also want to list your requirements chronologically and in order of importance to get a better sense of the big picture and be better prepared to make staffing decisions with an IT staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh.

4.2. Examine your current team’s strengths and abilities

The next step is to figure out what skills your current team already possesses. You might want to ask each team member what types of technology they are most comfortable with and where they believe their strengths and weaknesses are.

It’s essential to keep in mind the trainability and adaptability of your current team members during this process. In some cases, training an existing employee may be preferable rather than hiring someone new for a specific task. It’s a good idea to get a good picture of each team member’s current workload to see if requiring additional learning is feasible.

4.3. What skills does your team not have?

Make a list of the skills required for each IT position. Because you’ve already determined what skills your team members have, it’ll be simple to decide on where your gaps are by comparing them to your list of requirements.

For example, current team members might notice a lack of cybersecurity expertise among existing team members. You might also require someone with knowledge of cloud engineering or data science. Make a list of all necessary skills and responsibilities that your current workforce does not currently provide.

Once you’ve compiled this list, divide it into two sections: one for skills you can teach your current team members and another for skills that may necessitate hiring an IT staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh.

4.4. Assign roles to potential team members that are clearly defined

The remaining technical skill gaps on your list will be filled by new hires from an IT staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh. You’ll want to group these necessary skills into logical bundles so that a single expert can handle each.

When bundling skills, make sure they are related in some way. You’re more likely to find someone handling related skills than someone with the required deep knowledge across multiple skill sets.

Create job descriptions for each needed position, clearly stating the required skills and the duties and expectations that come with them. Soft skills, such as working well in a team, should also be included because they are essential. But you can ignore all of these by collaborating with an It staffing agency.

4.5. To find the best candidates, embrace remote workers

The way people work is constantly changing, especially in the IT industry. Don’t be afraid to staff your IT team that includes remote and office workers or even an entirely remote team.

Yes, an IT staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh will try to help you find candidates near your office location. But if you’re looking for a job that requires particular skills and you limit your search to your local area, they might not be able to find what you’re looking for. You’ll have a larger pool of talent to consider and new hires who can significantly impact your team if you open yourself up to potentially hiring remote workers.

Remote staff may not be ideal, but you can get access to more talent worldwide
Figure 4. Remote staff may not be ideal, but you can get access to more talent worldwide

4.6. Make a training plan for current team members

If there are abilities that will be useful to your organization in the long run, taking the time to teach your present team members may be the most efficient option. This training can be done in-house if you have subject matter experts on staff, or it can be outsourced to a training business or contractor. Make sure the training is in place on time for the demands of your projects. Allow plenty of time for everyone to plan ahead of time.


Over the past decade, the demand for high-quality candidates for IT positions has grown as technology has evolved and emerged as a fundamental concept for a business’s success In Vietnam. With an IT staffing agency in Ho Chi Minh, they are always ready to help startups and small businesses achieve their goals.

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