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PHP Developer - The Pros and Cons With Essential Skills

Nowadays, almost everybody is concerned about outstanding careers which all enterprises, companies need. In those, PHP Developer has become an essential and important career which attracts a profuse workforce for this field. But some people are also in a divided mind as to what to do in this job. Therefore, this following post will provide them with needed information for their process of inquiring.

To employ a PHP Developer personnel, which has good professional qualifications, the employer usually brings some essential requirements out to a PHP Developer. Thus, in what way can we be superior to other applicants? We have no choice beside mastering the pros and cons as well as some necessary skills which can be helpful to our.

Advantages and Disadvantages in the path to become PHP Developer

In terms of market share, currently, there are more than 20 million websites and applications on the internet developed in the PHP scripting language.

With its own features, PHP is a developmental programming language and used by many programmers. However, in same as many other languages, PHP also has its own advantages and disadvantages as:


PHP has numberless advantages, but we will mention 5 main useful benefits of PHP for learning it in beginning level. They include:

  • First of all, mention about PHP because it free to use, so it is an excellent factor for those who want to learn about this programming language. We can learn online PHP by yourself, without having to worry about spending a lot of money for payment.

  • Secondly, PHP's structure is very simple, so the developers will not lose too much time to learn and follow it. This is an advantage, making PHP always receive the top attention from the IT faithful.

  • Third, the library that PHP created is plentiful, as well as being strongly supported by the community. So, it can be easy when we have a need to find the documental source, as well as we will be supported in the most effective way when having difficult.

  • Fourth, when learning about PHP, we will get a great job opportunity, its salary is quite high if not to say it is terrible. Surely, we haven’t ever thought about it. Besides, this advantage also makes it possible for you to do a large amount of different jobs, as well as in many companies and the income from that will be increased significantly.

  • Fifth, PHP does not stop at the current features. In the future, it will grow even more strongly to affirm its position is always high in the list of conducting investigations and surveys every year about programming languages ​​in information technology.


With convenient advantages, programmers can easily learn, PHP also has basic disadvantages. In there, it expresses through:

  • Firstly, PHP has a limited structure of grammar, because it is not neatly designed and somewhat nice like other programming languages.

  • Second, PHP can only work and be used on web applications. This is why it is difficult for this language to compete with other programming languages if it is to develop and replicate in programming.

Essential Skill Required in PHP Developer

1. Javascript, HTL, CSS skill

Firstly, we should define who is PHP Developer? PHP Developer or PHP Programmer participate in research and analytic about programs. To become a professional PHP Developer, people must know thoroughly about PHP. In addition, in working process, if they want to found and start up about IT, they must concern about front- end, design which may be helpful for their work and help them get the best results.

Not only that, everybody should know clearly about Javascript, HTML, CSS to create best design products. During the design process, if there is any problem, a developer can absolutely give the best solution in the quickest way. Therefore, there will be an extremely high job productivity.

Soft-Skills that PHP Developer needs to prepare

2. Always be eager to learn and be creative

The development of the society leads to some changes in technological trends. Thus, in order not to be backward, people always have to be studious and creative. Updating technological trends will help them catch up with these tendencies. In general, self- cultivation and development is necessary to applicants, which makes them get high appreciation from employer.

3. Business communication

The business expansion with potential partners is the issue concerned in any career, especially with a developer. To develop themselves and improve their ability, communication. Then, they can easily get potential freelance projects, which brings to them a huge revenue.

With people good at communicating, business communication is really advantageous. In contrast, with people not really good at communicating, join a class training about business communication- a necessary skill to a developer.

4. Project management

When performing any work, people all need management skill to get highest effect and avoid regrettable mistakes. Managing small projects strictly from the beginning makes things easier when a developer tries greater projects. Therefore, they get more chances to achieve success. The profit from big projects can be gained easily with the strict management.

5. Networking

Networking with professional PHP Developers people can gain a lot of experience during working process. They can get high chances of jobs, a lot of useful advices needed for a person to become a proficient Developer.

The connect among other PHP Developers

Those are some necessary skills for a developer, which help them a lot in their works. It would be great that they will help people improve their ability to become a qualified developer.


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