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Technical Product Manager: Things to Know

A product manager sounds wonderful because you are promoted in a company. You can receive a higher salary level with more powers in hands. This vacancy is also greater if you will work in a potential technology enterprise. Everything seems to be amazing until you recognize something behind the scene. You have to prove your skills and abilities in that position. Your responsibilities will be bigger! How to become a well-qualified technical product manager?

What is a technical product manager?

The definition of a technical product manager is simple. A product manager has a technical background and probably works in a technology firm. He or she can provide a product vision, make a clear roadmap, and creating a product life.

Product managers need to get a deep level of all products in a tech company or applying technology in the business. They are an important bridge in both of business side and technical side. Today, most firms usually employ a technical product manager and a business-minded product manager to give answers to many questions relating to the products.

Responsibilities of a technical product manager

Understand customers or audiences

This is the main part of their responsibilities. They always have to find and analyze customer’s behavior. Also, they should recognize demands and future needs to make sure that the product is a good solution to solve an issue or a random need. Customer’s insight is not easy to catch in one or two days. Perfect gift will take time to receive! A product manager often gathers surveys and does various tests.

Know the market and competitors

To convince the audience or clients to use the product, a product manager should know the market and what rivals do. A deep understanding of those becomes a crucial task to develop the product or service to the next level. Build an ideal strategy to fit the business model Apart from understanding customers and competitors, he or she also needs to realize the true business model in a company. It is extremely important to put the strategy to that model and estimating the final results.

Design the product stage

It seems to be simple to create the stage for a product. However, it is a big mission to keep the product lives or not. We should communicate and understand our teams about setting the target of the product. This task includes seek out user flow from making a prototype and tests it with a group. Then, use their feedback to enhance the product. Once the process completed, a manager can design the production phase for the next level.

How to make a good product manager

A tremendous product manager should have a few skills:


Like other managers, as a technical product management, you have to lead a team. They often report to you or not depending on the company. Basically, those managers will control one or more teams.

Organizational and analytical skills

Being organized is vital in any job, including this position. With a product manager, they have to get a higher level of organizational skills. If not, they will be exhausted to lead several teams. Additionally, being analytical is also essential as you need to read databases and think of the solution.

Project management skills

Product managers probably coordinate with various teams in the firm. Thus, being able to monitor and prioritize is the only method to complete the project with different teams. Besides of those skills, you should get extra things.

Always update new trends

Because software often involves putting names to a theoretical concept, the amount of jargon in the technology industry is so huge and it could not simple to keep informed about them. It sounds tough to handle but engineers still learn new technologies. And you do not need to become an engineer to understand all trends in the software engineering world. For instance, the New Stack is an awesome source and in-depth analysis tool to meet new technology services and infrastructures from many networks of communities.

Learn about the company’s stack

You need to recognize the type of programming stack your firm uses or another good stack is incredible for that product or service. Then, make a discussion with your teams and bosses. It is the responsibility of the engineering team to choose a stack for a project. At the same time, you should understand the stack preference of your enterprise and how available it works in a particular case.

A product manager is different from a technical product manager

Before distinguishing the difference between them, you should recognize popular points.

  • Set up a product vision and do a product strategy: managers always pay attention to the mistakes in developing a product.

  • Come up with ideas and collect: both of them should gather ideas and promote some.

  • Make a roadmap and manage it: make a plan and prioritize things possibly develop the product or service. Technical product managers also build technology roadmaps with some special features.

  • Find and defining all features: all managers have to work with all user stories and requirements.

  • Release problems and handle: product managers and technical PMs will work with functional teams to transfer a smooth customer experience and promote product management successfully.

Here a few things that a product manager could do in further.
  • Product managers often draw attention to clients and involved in the setup overall product strategy. Technical managers focus on abilities and how the products work.

  • Product managers collaborate with various departments and non-technical team members such as sales, project managers, marketers, and external partners.

  • Product managers study everything from the competitors and do professional research. Tech managers consider technology trends, observe competitors in the technology field and appearing development.

The workplace of a tech product manager

When a company has grown, the technical product management role is more important with three core functions – technical product strategy, technical product management, and how to run a campaign of a product. In small firms, one employee has to control those. In a big enterprise, separate departments will do. Tech product managers may report to CTO, CIO, Development Department, and Engineering.


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