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The Importance of Learning HTML Editor - Must Know

The fact that HTML is a amazingly approachable programming language. Every document is made up of ordinary text. Therefore, you can put them together a web page in a simple text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit. We can have some mistakes when learning HTML Editor. This article helps to correct them.

Learning HTML Editor is good for your job

If you’ve ever learnt how to write HTML language for the first time, someone probably made you go through these steps:

  • Firstly, type markup in a text file.

  • Secondly, save your file.

  • Lastly, open this file in a browser and start to admire the formatted web goodness.

Actually, writing web pages in a text editor is a good first step for any beginner. However, this does not mean you ought to stay there. We have a lot of proper reasons for beginners to switch to a full-fledged HTML editor as soon as possible.If you have a good HTML editor, it will provide for you with guidance as working. It brings many advantages including flagging mistakes, supporting to navigate complex documents, and offering different conveniences on the way. That sounds great. However, there’s still a dangerous flip side.

If you adopt using a bad HTML editor, it's better to choose a no-frills text tool instead. That editor does not work effectively. It will hide what’s really occurring, then insert stuff you do not want, and tweak your markup without asking your permission. In the past, beginners in web field did not have enough good choices. Typically, they buy an incredibly expensive professional product like Adobe Dreamweaver. However, this has features they probably did not need to use.

In some cases, they can plunk down a small amount of money on a shareware HTML editor. Unfortunately, most of those have middling quality. Although they can do with a slightly upgraded text editor, it does not make job much easier. In other cases, they use an ambitious open source HTML editor. As a result, those are plagued with SSDS, few lasted longer than a few years before creators abandon them. Nowadays, everything is easier with new HTML Editors. They make learning HTML Editor become more conveniently and effectively.

The advantage of learning HTML Editor

The advice is that you should establish good markup-writing habits from the beginning. Beginners can have some benefits of learning HTML editor.

The cost is quite cheap, even free. It may not be free as in 'free trial' or 'free edition with missing features'. Luckily, a lot of good web editing tools are not expensive. It is cross-platform. The best HTML editor can work on Windows, Mac and Linux so that you are comfortable to work on any type of computer.

It will use color-coding. All HTML editors use color to help you separate tags from the content. Tag is the markup part of a web page. Accordingly, color-coding falls under the umbrella of syntax highlighting including other nifty features.

Normal HTML editors can spot mistakes. It is able to address errors such as a word processor corrects spelling. The HTML editor can not stop everything. Therefore, you have to sort out a problem like a code compiler does when it faces to badly formed code. However, the HTML editor can flag potential problems with red highlighting or squiggly underlines. This is necessary for you to avoid a minor catastrophe.

The disadvantage of learning HTML Editor

In addition to the advantages of HTML editor, you should pay attention to some following disadvantages.

The HTML editor may allow you to format your page in a fake 'word processor' view. When you use this view, you will lose control of your HTML immediately. It seems to make your page look more beautiful. Actually, your editor is busy injecting tangles of disorganized markup. Moreover, the editor hides its guilty transgressions out of your sight.

The HTML editor can add proprietary junk. The fact that some editors quietly stuff extra details into your markup. These details are designed to make the HTML editor understand your document. Therefore, it can add extra features. Sometimes, they enable some feature depending on a certain server technology. It might not even be available on the web host where you upload work.

The HTML editor is an open source project from a small business. They are Nvu, KompoZer, Amaya, Mozilla Composer. We can have many dead HTML editor projects. If an editor dies, you will not have bug fixes, feature updates, and support for new web standards.

Brackets and Visual Studio Code for learning HTML Editor

We will give you two favorite HTML editors. They can provide you with best advantages and meet all your requirements. Furthermore, they do not commit any of those crimes above.

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Brackets is good choice for learning HTML Editor

Software behemoth Adobe created this HTML editor. It’s quite new. This editor just appeared in beta form about four years ago. It is lightweight and cross-platform. The HTML editor is used quite commonly. People has downloaded it hundreds of thousands of times. It recently ranked as GitHub’s sixteenth most popular open source project. Actually, it is unlikely to disappear any time soon.

Brackets brings a lot of advantages. One of the most outstanding feature is its nifty 'live preview'. This sidesteps the usual edit-save-refresh cycle. When you change HTML in the editor, save it. Then, you refresh the browser to load up your changes. Once you select using the live preview feature, Brackets and Google Chrome will sync themselves tightly together. Accordingly, just make a change in your markup, it will show up in your browser instantly.

Visual Studio Code is good selection of learning HTML Editor as well

This HTML editor is an open-source, cross-platform HTML editing tool. It is backed by a software giant, Microsoft. Microsoft had a long and storied history of abandoning promising products like FrontPage, Web Matrix, Expression Web. However, Visual Studio Code is different. It is a member of Microsoft’s Visual Studio developer tool set. This HTML editor is wildly popular in its own right. People ranked Visual studio code as the most common developer environment in a developer survey.

There is the clear difference between Brackets and Visual studio code. People design visual studio code editor to be a complete application development environment. Accordingly, you can begin scratching out simple web pages. Additionally, you can graduate to more advanced code-heavy projects in the future.

You should download extensions to plug in latest features. The basic visual studio code installation stays fairly compact. However, it can grow to add features such as GitHub integration, server-side code, debugging. The disadvantage is that this ability have a slightly more intimidating package. Visual studio code still have crowded menus and complex configuration system. They are not quite as natural to non-programmers.

In conclusion, for learning HTML Editor, brackets and visual studio code are the ideal choice for any beginner (child or adult).


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