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The importance of Python, Ruby in IT

It can be said that information technology is a very large and potential field of development. This is a place where elites require professionals to have a creative mind and understanding of programming languages ​​from basic to advanced. Python and Ruby are the two programming languages ​​that any ITer should know.

What are Python, Ruby?

Python was a language invented by Guido Van Rossum in the 90s at the same time Ruby was also born by Yukihiro Matsumoto. These are both considered the spiritual children of learning with different building philosophies. The two languages ​​are geared towards diversity, cross-platform as well as a clear and coherent structure. When using Python and Ruby we will not need to worry about fear of missing ";" or "}" anymore.

Syntax of them have the same things

Both types of programming languages ​​have a different syntax. With Python being a language focused on simplicity, no complicated hassles, the syntax is also clear and effective. But therefore, when using Python, users must adhere to its principles absolutely. Ruby is designed to handle simple to complex tasks, so the syntax is more complex than Python. But in general, both of them are essential choices when you are new to programming.

These two languages have a rich and diverse library that developers can unleash creativity and use. For Python, programmers can share an enormous amount of source code up to nearly 170,000 libraries in use. As for Ruby, it uses RubyGems to control and manage its frameworks and libraries, specifically over 60,000 libraries for anyone who wants to use them.

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Objects using Python, Ruby in information technology

Currently, Ruby seems to be favored and used more widely in information technology. Because using it's memory will consume more memory, some people think that it is just a framework language although this is only their personal opinion. But in general, both Python, Ruby are suitable for beginners to learn programming because the structure is not too complicated and highly applicable, can be used in many different programming articles.

The problem is their time consuming

When it comes to time, this is also a strong point of Ruby compared to Python due to its running time at a fast speed. When object-oriented programming as well as functional programming, Ruby has a high performance speed because it has been improved. But not so that the evaluation of Python is slow because compared to other programming languages, its time is still appreciated.

So what we should choose: Python or Ruby?

This is a difficult question, because both programming languages ​​have their advantages and disadvantages. It also comes from the fact that two of them have the same similarities as they have an interactive prompt, the strings can span multiple lines such as the triple-quoted string of Python, the integrated doc tool. available ... so it's harder to make a choice. However, they have different points as in Ruby, the strings can be changed, users cannot access the properties, but all through methods. Also in it, there is no way to remove an already set variable like in Python …

Therefore, it can be affirmed that both of them are the basic languages ​​in the information technology industry, which cannot be assessed any more. You should follow the individual's desire to choose an appropriate programming language before starting to get the best start.


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