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The reasons why data scientist quit

The reasons why data scientist quit

Currently, science-related jobs are always getting a lot of attention, because this is a new field with great potential for development and attractive incentives for employees. It is impossible not to mention the field of data science, but do you know that many data scientists are gradually giving up their jobs, so what is the reason? Find out the answer through the article below!

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1. The work is not as expected

There are many reasons why data scientist is no longer interested in their work, but one of the important reasons cannot be ignored is that their expectations are far from reality. When starting with work, data scientists always assume that they will be working in a professional and comfortable research environment. But no, many companies are not fully equipped with the infrastructure to support their research.

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This underscores the importance of good preparation before the work begins. It also shows a two-way relationship between companies and data scientists. If companies are unable to meet the data requirements of data scientists, their departure will only be a matter of time.

2. Political issues

In any field, politics is also a sensitive issue, the hardest thing in data management science too. It is true that the managers, who are most responsible for later work, need to have a good awareness of everyone. That means that data scientist always needs to be diligent, try to understand the data, analyze and reflect them accurately and submit them to the manager, to prove the ability of the data yourself.

3. Directly involved in handling everything

As mentioned above, data scientist always has to do a lot of work to assert their roles and values, which leads to them having to do a lot of work. Data scientists are both analysis and reporting specialists, and they are also database experts.

Imagine that a data scientist will have to do all of these things, not to mention the psychological pressures from superiors that sometimes even from within him will put them under pressure. But how?. Especially when it is possible that their abilities and experience cannot meet them all. That makes them feel tired and pressured, which leads to depression and want to give up the job they are doing.

Directly involved in handling everything

4. Isolation struggles to create value

Typically, a project is perceived to be successful only when it is satisfied by the customers and sees its value. If data scientist spends time just learning how to write and implement machine algorithms, they will be only a small part of the success of that project, even if the work they do is necessary. That means data scientists working in isolation struggle to create value.

5. Choose the best workplace for data scientists.

It is these reasons that have led to gradually give up their jobs. If you do not want to lose an effective human resource, it requires specific businesses, managers to change, invest in facilities, create the best conditions to serve for the work of data scientists. Besides, the working environment is also very important and requires cooperation and development to complete the job. Therefore, choosing a company or business can allow data scientists to develop and express themselves in the best and fairest possible way that people are confused. JT1 - IT Recruitment Agency is an experienced company in helping people find workplaces that benefit and meet the needs of your job. Thereby, you can find a suitable and satisfying place with your passion. Please contact JT1 for advice and answer any questions you have through this website below.

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