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TypeScript (TS) is a programming language, similar to JavaScript, which was developed by Microsoft. TS inherits most of what we already know about JavaScript, but it extends some features such as variable notation with specific data types interface. The following article will help you better understand this programming language. Help you have a clear orientation when choosing for yourself an appropriate programming language.


TypeScript uses all the features of ECMAScript 2015 such as classes and modules. It also upgrades my version to use all the latest techniques from ECMAScript. Actually, TS was not first, there were some libraries like CoffeeScript and Dart developed by Google, but the weakness is that these two libraries use the completely new syntax, which is completely different. with TS, so although being born later, TS is still well-received by developers. The purpose is to minimize errors from the moment of writing the code and have a modern tight structure to better respond to large projects (such as Angular) open-source project developed by Microsoft, it can be considered an enhanced version of Javascript by adding static type options and object-oriented classes that are not available in Javascript. TypeScript can be used to develop client-side applications (Angular2) and server-side (NodeJS).

Why should use TypeScript?

This is a programming language that possesses many outstanding advantages.

The first, TypeScript is easy to develop large projects. With the use of the latest techniques and object-oriented programming. With TS, a developer can large projects easily. Easily organize code for very large and complex applications thanks to power modules, namespaces, and OOP support

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The second, Typescript has many frameworks to choose: Javascript frameworks have gradually encouraged the use of TS for development, such as AngularJS 2.0 and Ionic 2.0.

The third, Support for the latest Javascript features: TS ensures full use of the latest Javascript techniques, such as the current version is ECMAScript 2015 (ES6). This is open-source so you can use it for free, and it is supported by the community. Moreover, TS is Javascript: The nature of TypeScript is that compilation generates javascript code, so you can run anywhere as long as it supports JavaScript compilation. Alternatively, you can mix JavaScript syntax into TS, which makes it easier for developers to access TS. With static typing, code written in TS is more predictable and easier to debug.

Currently, many text editors and IDEs are available either through plugins to support TypeScript syntax, auto-complete suggestions, catch errors and even include a built-in compiler.

  • Visual Studio Code - A Microsoft open-source editor. Support TSavailable.

  • Plugin for Sublime Text

  • The latest version of WebStorm also supports TS

  • And many other editors like Vim, Atom, Emacs.


Until now, TS has been continuously developed and selected by many software developers. Its new features are always being updated constantly. This article only gives you an overview of Typescript. If you want to know more about how it works and its features, please visit the Typescript homepage to learn more.

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