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How to Have Better Candidates When Using Recruiting & Staffing Agencies' Services?

Recruiting & staffing agencies firm help large corporations save time and money while also assisting startups and small businesses by allowing them to connect to the extensive networks of job seekers that specialist recruiters create. So, how can you improve your performance while dealing with a recruiting services firm?

1. What are recruiting & staffing agencies?

Recruiting & staffing agencies are companies that link businesses with qualified individuals. They also handle all aspects of staffing, from verifying references and screening resumes to shortlisting individuals and organizing interviews.

Unfortunately, even if you carefully schedule your personnel, you will still have workforce shortages. For example, some employees may take time off, or you may need some extra help to accomplish a project. Whatever the case may be, you may not have adequate internal resources to discover applicants in these instances.

Working with recruiting & staffing agencies
Figure 1. Working with recruiting & staffing agencies

When you use a staffing agency, you may get a lot more freedom when recruiting while also having more time to focus on business-critical duties, take on additional projects, and finally, decrease employees when extra initiatives are done.

The most significant advantage is that you may use a staffing agency to identify the ideal individual for a high-level post much more easily.

2. Why hire through recruiting & staffing agencies

2.1. Faster hiring process

You may drastically reduce the time it takes to fill a vacant position by utilizing staffing services. Because staffing firms already have big databases and a large network, they can find individuals quickly even if you require someone with a specific set of abilities.

Furthermore, because the applicants you get for assessment already meet your requirements, you may benefit from a quick recruiting process.

2.2. Gain access to top talent

Working with a staffing agency allows you to be presented to just the highest-quality applicants because of the aforementioned access to a huge number of pre-screened individuals. In other words, you'll be able to select from a pool of talent that has already been well-verified.

Recruitment and staffing firms deal with fresh candidates regularly, and because of their experience, they have a well-established method for evaluating applicants' appropriateness for various tasks. So, in a manner, you always know you're getting access to great talent without the burden of endless job posts.

2.3. Make better hiring decisions

One of the most difficult aspects of recruitment is that your in-house HR staff may be required to conduct interviews for roles they are unfamiliar with. This is particularly typical in the IT industry, where responsibilities are expanding and becoming more sophisticated daily. A staffing firm may specialize in one field and hence be intimately aware of the abilities necessary.

2.4. Attract passive talent

Because top applicants are not actively hunting for new positions, they are classified as passive talent. These people may be willing to change employment, but the difficulty is that passive talent is difficult to discover.

Professional employment firms, by accident, already have passive prospects on their radar, and they have a natural talent for motivating them to consider other organizations. If you're looking to fill a specialized or a high-level position, this can be a lifesaver.

3. Tips to have effective results when using recruiting & staffing agencies

3.1. Be honest with recruiting & staffing agencies about what you want

As one of the fast-growing recruiting & staffing agencies in Vietnam, we would welcome it if our clients spoke about their organization's demands and hiring timeframe. It's also a good idea to invite your agency's representatives to visit your workplace. This helps them understand your organization's culture, working environment, and, most crucially, the sort of individual who is likely to flourish at your company.

You only can have the desired result when you can be honest with agencies about what you need and want
Figure 2. You only can have the desired result when you can be honest with agencies about what you need and want

This data also assists the recruiter in assessing if temporary, part-time, or full-time staff are the greatest fit for your requirements. Some staffing agencies are specially prepared to guide on establishing a flexible recruiting approach. Not every job calls for a full-time staff. By hiring interim professionals through a credible recruiting business, you may manage workload peaks and obtain access to specific skills, and you only pay for what you need.

3.2. Find more information about that recruiting & staffing agencies online

The majority of the doubt and worry about using recruiting & staffing agencies service organizations stems from prior unfavorable experiences with them or negative information from reputable sources. Fortunately, we live in a technological age with internet reviews, so we don't have to seek far to discover more about each agency.

Learn all you can about the recruiting firm you wish to deal with, whether you utilize Google, Linkedin, or Facebook. Because evaluations might be distorted, before making a hasty selection, search for consistency in the clients' comments.

3.3. Take advantage of your competitors by using knowledge of recruiting & staffing agencies

Encourage your staff to utilize the recruitment services company's training materials if they are offered to enrolled applicants. This training allows you to recruit a skilled employee with a diversified skill set and industry knowledge. Professionals may develop their on-the-job skills for free, which benefits everyone. New faces in the office might bring new views and ideas to the table. A temporary expert brought in for talents not accessible internally might convey a degree of specialized knowledge as full-time staff goes about their tasks.

3.4. Ensure your business and potential agency have the similar culture

Hiring personnel that does not fit into the present or desired culture of the organization can lead to poor work quality, low job satisfaction, and a potentially toxic workplace. Before choosing a recruiting agency that represents your company's fundamental values, beliefs, behaviors, and experiences, you must first identify them. This will help the recruiter locate and understand applicants who share your values.

When both parties have the same culture, everything will be better and more easily to process
Figure 3. When both parties have the same culture, everything will be better and more easily to process

3.5. Negotiation about the price and costs before using any recruiting & staffing agencies services

Usually, recruiting & staffing agencies firm charges typically a fee that is set as a percentage of the yearly wage and is dependent on the number of applicants placed inside your organization. As a result, you should carefully review their terms and conditions.

You must determine if the expenses of engaging an outside agency outweigh the expenditures of conducting an internal search. Consider both the financial costs and the possible rewards of superior hiring.

3.6. The more you hope, the more disappointed you might occur

Discuss the employment market with your recruiting & staffing agencies to determine what sorts of individuals you may anticipate finding within your budget. If required, go over the different ways you might change your employment expectations and/or conditions to match that budget. Flexible working hours and employee benefits may frequently compensate for a lesser compensation. Determine what best represents your needs and make the required changes to your workplace.

3.7. Write detailed job descriptions

A thorough job description is required for an efficient and productive hiring process.

Do not just state that you are searching for a full-time engineer or HSE specialist. Make it clear what this person's responsibilities are, what type of training and skills they will require, what their timetable will be, and so on.

Do you have trouble crafting job descriptions? With everything else on your plate, do you simply lack the time to compose them?

Your staffing agent can help you with this process in any case. Discuss what you want to include in your job descriptions with your staffing partner. They will work with you to understand what you're searching for and guarantee that the message reaches job hunters.

3.8. Don’t sleep on onboarding assistance

Many recruiting companies provide onboarding assistance to help applicants establish their footing at your organization, allowing them to feel more at ease and hit the ground running sooner.

Take advantage of this service if it is offered by the agency.

Your staffing partners will help new workers become ready to work for your firm. They'll explain your company's culture to them, tell them what to anticipate on day one, and check in frequently to verify they're learning the ropes.

Your staffing agency saves you and your team a lot of time and resources by offering onboarding help. They also provide your new workers with the tools they need to be more productive and contribute to your company's success more quickly (resulting in a higher return on your investment).

3.9. Understand the specifics of the role

Next, ensure that you truly grasp your company's particular employment requirements.

What aspects of your personality do you want to be highlighted in a role? What types of jobs are you looking for? Do you require the services of a drilling or production engineer? Are you seeking someone with a background in civil engineering?

Understanding the specifics of the role
Figure 4. Understanding the specifics of the role

Make a precise list of the important talents or characteristics you want in a new employee, such as analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving abilities. Talk to your company's managers and executives (especially those who will be monitoring the recruit) to gain their feedback.


That is all the information you need to know to get better outcomes while working with recruiting & staffing agencies firm. Your advantage may be seen not only in the product but also in the expertise and professionalism you can sense.

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