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UI/UX - Technical Designer in Digital Age

UI/UX are more used than ever in the current technological age. Having an overview of these two concepts will help coder or programmers build a complete software product, which is effective with business and friendly with user.

Developer must treat each product as his child and give it the best. Whoever gives birth is done? They must take care of the children from pregnancy to make them healthy. After the children was born, they still need to be cared to looks clean, behaves with others politely. In the same case, coding has to be clean at the beginning and making the product must have good UI, good UX, less bugs, less crash.

Common mistake between the UI/UX coder and designer

A very common example is that when designer finish the design, they give it to coder, the coder often comments that the design like this is too difficult, impossible to do and requires design changes to code easier. However, being easier to code does not mean being better. Because the coder does not understand UI/UX, they are unclear why the design needs it, which affect the final product.

Programmers often fall into the trap that they code to the apps or websites can run. If the coder can use, the user will automatically be able to use it. The trap is that the coder is the one who writes each code’s line of product, of course the coder can use. But if you give a user outside to try it, everything will be completely different. At that time, we realized that a good product is not only good at code but also complete at UI/UX.

An overview about UI and UX

UI - User interface


UI in the field of design refers to the transmission of messages from designers, from services (products) providers to users. For more simply understanding, designers will play a role as programmers or builders to anyone can understand and use their products.

For example: In a smartphone, through the screen of an application such as Google Maps or Facebook, users can enter information and receive feedback, which is the user interface.

Composition of UI

- Layout

The layout specifies which components you will have on the page, where and how they will be located. This is the deciding factor. The layout should be simple, easy for users to find what they want, and most importantly, attract them to do what you want.

- Color

The colors you use have a direct impact on user interface design. They must reflect the company's brand, and also resonate with users. Using opaque gray for a gym site will not promote and encourage users to participate.

- Font

Typography can make you successful or fail to design the user interface. Although it may seem like an inscription, it needs to be visually appealing. For example, how bad will the website of Fortune 500 magazine look when the entire font is ComicSans?

- Graphics Beautiful graphic design is an art. It is about conveying the message you want in just one picture. Again, like all other elements of interface design, graphic designing need to be concerned to attract the target audience. A good user interface design is a design in which have a combination of different features, free flow of information and icons are placed in the proper place for better visibility.

UX - User experience


UX is the way users feel about a specific product, UX Designer is the person who works on UX. They are people who study and evaluate the habits and ways that a customer uses and feels about a system (Using the system through the UI). Use and feel here are simply issues such as ease of use, convenience, efficiency when the system works.

Website with good UX will only give out information that users care about.

For instance: Think about a recent interaction that you feel is a great user experience with yourself. It can be an excellent customer service, an incredible easy-to-use product, or a website that gives you the exact information you need, in the proper format at the right suitable time.

Composition of UX

- Information structure

When you visit a sales website, you look for items of the business -> select the items you need to buy -> make payments and complete the purchase process.

It can be seen that the information structure is a term that represents the information arranged on the website or web application.

- Interaction design

It can be understood as the interaction between users and computers. Users will not be blinded by the tricks, friends or flashy offers of businesses, they believe in what they see and words of mouth from relatives and friends. So you need to design a website so that you can see and then you want to interact. The key elements of Interaction design are images, graphics, fonts, colors, symbols …

- Usability

Usability is a method to check the effectiveness of a website to see whether the users can interact easily with the website or not.

- Prototyping

Prototyping is used as a model object to create other objects through copying the original template. For a designer, creating a new object that is true to the prototype is an important requirement.

- Visual design This is the design of images in websites or web applications. When designing images you should pay attention to the image content, image position, image dimension and image size, image font. If you use images properly, the effect will be very high, it will help you increase the rate of interaction with users.

To start learning about UI/UX:

Should begin with the book Don't Make Me Think to have a good foundation. Remember: a good website / app helps users use it without thinking.

Websites that help get ideas / inspiration for UI/UX:





Basic UX knowledge:,


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