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Open Source

Open Source

Today, Open source (OS) is a concept mentioned quite a lot in the field of website design. When you order web design services, you will often programmers ask about OS or programs that create from OS.

What is Open Source? JT1 will introduce you to the written.

The definition of Open Source

The definition of Open Source:

Open source is a concept mentioned quite a lot in the field of website design. It is known as software that is provided in both code and source, not only free of charge for copyright but also code. Users, when they use it, can modify, develop and upgrade following some general principles specified in the open-source software license.

The benefits of Open Source:

- In OS, the software can be duplicated completely free, you can freely share everything with your friend.

- The file format is not completely controlled by some vendors. So, you can meet suppliers that satisfy your needs.

- It is independent, easy to control and ensure high security and safety due to many people developing and upgrading.

- Avoid the risk of software piracy, or software copyright disputes.

- Because systems Open Source are built from many unified blocks and are described in detail, so it is often flexible to replace interfaces with the same system functionality.


Top the best Open Source:


This often uses in Blogs, news pages or text editors to process contents. It is believed by many websites because the interface is simple, easy to use, even when integrated with extended e-commerce features.


Joomla is written by PHP language. This often uses to design websites that require high compatibility. Furthermore, Jooma has a great advantage in security, so it is used to design websites related to the government, state administrative agencies or banking systems,...


Magento is considered as a quality OS for websites specializing in e-commerce and online business. Now, this is applying by online retailers with up to 150.000 application websites.


Opencart is a popular Open Source used for a Sales website. Opencart has functions to manage the store, customer data quite well. Similiar Magento, Opencart also is written by PHP language includes all functions of it.


With reasonable, logical, Drupal Open Source has brought many users significant benefits in managing content of websites, especially for the web design fields that need to provide Large information for customers such as online news websites, electronic newspaper pages, websites introducing companies and businesses. However, because Drupal Drupal has a fairly complex interface to use, Drupal has a complicated interface to use, so it is rarely used in everyday life.

Top the best Open Source

Technology pioneers have created the World Wide Web with open source technologies such as Linux operating systems and Apache web servers. We can confirm that there would be no Internet today without it.

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