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Empathetic Engineering

Empathetic Engineering

Empathy is one of the essentials in life. It makes life easier and more meaningful. In technology, Empathetic engineering is indispensable. As programmers, you will need to utilize empathetic engineering. It encompasses the ability to understand and share the feelings, emotions, and motivations of fellow engineers. This will make your work become more easily. Let make it clear with 5 benefits of Empathetic engineering mentioned below.

Empathetic Engineering

Benefit #1. Being an empathetic engineer can bring value to your company and team.

By maintaining a high level of empathy, you can upgrade the capabilities of your team. Because it will help solve problems that occur while working in your team.

Benefit #2: Business Align Business through Empathetic Engineering

In a company or a group with good empathy techniques, the work and personnel are well organized. Regular contact and empathy with each other will help employees supplement knowledge and experience for each other during working time. It is proved in some companies having strong pairing culture. It means that pairs of engineers to regularly meet 5–10 times every week. By this thing, It helps members who have incredible knowledge of all code bases in the business and there are some who don’t have as much institutional knowledge as others can supplement each other. Practicing successful empathy, your team will become more focused, finish high priority items on time and have fewer interruptions.


Benefit #3: Maintainability and Flexibility of Code

The core of designing maintainable and flexible systems by empathy.

For engineers, their job is to constantly generate new codes as well as write code to solve a problem now and create flexible systems to account for unpredictable future requirements. by empathizing with future engineers you will help them in a winning position. If you embrace a deep sense of empathy toward future engineers who are working in your team, you will easily make decisions that will pay off big time in the future.

Empathy is at the core of designing maintainable and flexible systems. Engineers have to make trade offs daily between writing code to solve a problem now versus creating flexible systems to account for unpredictable future requirements. If you empathize with future engineers who will use and extend the code you are writing today, you will make decisions that will put them in a winning position. This has all sorts of benefits, but most importantly it leads to business agility.

“The future is uncertain and you will never know less than you know right now.” — Sandi Metz

If you embrace a deep sense of empathy toward future engineers working in your code base, then you will consistently make decisions that will pay off big time in the future.

Benefit #4: Empathy in teamwork will help cultivate a healthy culture.

Empathetic engineering is more meaning than write great code or managing dependencies. You can be ready to assist your co-worker’s t in debugging or writing documentation for an issue you solved so other engineers won’t face the same problem. This is also a way to help your team grow and save more time instead of having to solve problems.

Benefit #5: Avoid Dangerous Assumptions

Benefit #5: Avoid Dangerous Assumptions

Empathetic Engineering can save you from making dangerous assumptions when building new products or fixing tough problems. Empathy contributes to the success of the beginner’s mindset on your team.

Empathetic Engineering benefits are so much more. There are just a few of the many benefits that come from being an empathetic engineer. Be an empathetic person not only in your work but also in your life to make things more meaningful.

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