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What Should We Do To Become The Best Developers?

What Should We Do To Become The Best Developers?

If you want to become one of the best developers in the future, you must do many things. Knowing is not enough, you must practice and apply. Make wishes come true by your action.

What Should We Do To Become The Best Developers?

Want to be the best developer, just DO it.

Suggestion 1: Create a To-do App

If you are a beginner in technology, making a type of To-do app is a good step. Some programming languages can help you to writing code for this app including CSS, JavaScript, etc. We give you two examples of this type of app.

First, node-todo. The app is built with MongoDB and Angular for demonstration purposes and a guideline. In which, node brings the RESTful API and Angular is for the frontend and accesses the API. The function of MongoDB is like storage.

Things to learn:

  • Make CRUD (create - read - update - delete) for tasks

  • Validate fields

  • Filter tasks: how to make use of the filter to reduce unnecessary functions

Many of the best developers suppose that if you are good at making the To-do app, you can do others more easily.

Suggestion 2: Make a messenger clone

To do this app, you have to understand clearly how native/ hybrid apps and web apps operate.

Things to learn:

  • Web sockets mean messaging instantly

  • Operation of native and hybrid apps

  • Know layouts work in the native environment

  • Routine for native apps or use a framework like Ionic, NativeScript, Angular, etc

You can refer to a Flutter Chat app. The developer built it with Firestore and Firebase Cloud. The app is a kind of messenger clone. Accordingly, the user can post his/her stories, chat, and search in realtime. If you spend time researching, you will do a similar one as well. Let's give it a try.


Suggestion 3: Management dashboard of product

It is a simple type of CRUD app. You can apply fundamentals to create this app.

Things to learn:

  • Be excellent to do CRUD and manage products.

  • Practice actions with a database including creating, reading, editing, and deleting products.

  • Confirm input and the way to work with forms.

The factors you will work with like products, users, tasks, etc. They can be not relevant. The most important thing you must pay attention to is CRUD deployment.

For instance, we have Vuejs + Firestore. It is a pretty simple CRUD app for product management. A developer built it with vuejs and fire store. Another app in Laravel 5.6. It indicates that how Laravel works with Vue.js.

Suggestion 4: Make a bot for your own need

Nowadays, the bot is developing rapidly. They consist of chatbots and voice bots. Why don't you make bots that effectively work on Twitter, Telegram? The most critical social networks will provide APIs in numerous languages. This app seems a bit complicated. You can work with a team step by step to complete it.

Twitter-Bot tutorial is a positive example. We suggest that you can make an interesting message to welcome your new followers on Twitter. This is the smart step to have more people to interact with your tweets/links. The best developers do big things, and you can begin from simpler projects.

There are many online services that direct messages the new followers. You can pay a fee between $5 to $15 for a simple tool like that. It's better to build this bot on your own.

The best developers will start from the simplest things
Suggestion 5: Card memory game

This is a game only. First, you click on a card to see what photos underneath it. Then, you will try to find out the matching photo underneath the others.

Things to learn:

  • DOM manipulation (JavaScript)

  • UI Events

  • Animations

  • Basic logic in views

One of the most creative games is The Memory Game project. It is a part of the Web Programming with Javascript section. With the implementation of this game, you will get mastery of the core skills of web development. They are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may get accustomed to playing Super Mario 3 made with plain JavaScript.

To become the best developers, all of us need to have more creative games like that.

Suggestion 6: Chess game

You can write code for making an engine. It can play chess against a human opponent. Obviously, if you understand how native apps and web apps work, you will implement this game more effectively and quickly.

Things to learn:

Web sockets (send message instantly)

Understand how native apps and layouts work

Route for native apps

Lila (li[chess in sca]la) is a good free online chess game. It focuses on real-time gameplay. The user can play it with ease. Its features include search tools, computer analysis, tournaments, simuls, forums, teams, tactics trainers. The user interface has more than 80 languages thanks to the community of players.

Wrapping up

In this post, we just share with you good projects that you should try to perform. Apply your knowledge to get them done and you will have big benefits.

After you complete a project, both your awareness and skill will be able to significantly improve. Moreover, when you're successful, it will make inspiration for other new developers. They will have a big motivation to implement their own projects. This is really meaningful.

First of all, we hope this post will make you more enthusiastic and exciting to start your job immediately. In that process, if you have any idea, please feel free to share it with us.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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